What Affects the Testosterone Levels in Men and Women?

The testosterone or sex hormone is majorly associated with men, and it also called the manhood hormone, but this hormone is also present in women in small quantities. The adequate testosterone levels are necessary to live a healthy and illuminating life. There is a prevalent misnomer among the general population that testosterone levels are only concerned with libido and intercourse, but the science says otherwise.

The primary function of testosterone is regulating the sexual desires and erection in males, but secondarily the sex hormone is also responsible in maintaining the bone mass density, stiff muscles, RBC production, and helps in reducing pain and lastly stabilizes the emotional health of an individual. Hence, it is imperative that you maintain the optimum levels of this hormone to ensure your good health.

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After the age of 30 years, the testosterone levels start to decline in men, and it continues to decrease in the subsequent years. This also means if not maintained properly by the time you will reach the age of 50 there will be another factor hindering your daily performance levels thereby not allowing you to work efficiently. Various researches were conducted by doctors and biologists to find ways that can increase or regulate the testosterone levels in men. After similar research, we have the Test X180 supplement which has been prepared after a thorough analysis. This supplement has all the natural and energizing elements that help in rejuvenating your sex hormone, in turn, improving or maintaining the performance levels.

Factors that inhibit testosterone growth:

  1. Aging: The most potent factor that results in the decline of testosterone levels is age itself. The human body resembles a machine, and when a machine works continuously for a long time, there is bound to be depreciation with time.
  2. Environmental Factors:Everything that we do with our environment is not only altering the climate, but it also has a negative impact on human health. More specifically we are talking about the Endocrine disrupting chemicals. These EDC’s are responsible for disrupting the normal functioning of the body system, and they are also known to have gender-bending qualities. These EDC’s are also known to exhibit their harmful effects in the infancy stage of both boys and girls. The EDC’s impact effectuates the early development of puberty in boys which is detrimental both the mental and physical well being.

You can also check out various other grave harmful effects of EDC’s on human health and the male reproductive system here https://www.mercola.com/testosterone.aspx. The sex hormone is an integral part of our body, and one has to ensure its production and optimal regulation throughout the body which will help in revitalizing the routine performance.

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