Most common tight access excavators

Tight Access Excavation is one of the most precise jobs in the excavation business. Any form of work that involves heavy machinery is a very risky job. More importantly, in a situation where the heavy machinery job needs to be undertaken in a tight space like that of a narrow lane or a small pool, the risk factor and precision increases many folds. There are a number of expert excavation contractors in Sydney who expertise in this form of excavation. They have some of the latest machinery which allows them the precision and balance needed to operate in such tight spots. Along with excavation, they also are capable of handling jobs like grading, loading and filling trenches, which usually comes along with the excavation work. Top-level companies in the business use some of the latest machinery to be at the top of the market. Some of the best tight access excavation machinery used by excavation contractors in Sydney are:

  • Mini Excavator: These are small but powerful machinery which can be used to operate in tight areas. It has a canopy which can fold down. This allows the user to maneuver the vehicle under relatively low hanging intrusions which might be there at the area of work. it comes with majorly 3 types of bucket size, 600 mm, 400 mm and 200 mm. these various small but convenient size buckets make it possible for the operator to work in small spaces and dig out trenches, excavate or demolish pools and concrete slabs.
  • Wacker Neuson DT 12: This is another common model used by excavation contractors in Sydney. It weighs just 650 kgs and is quite small in stature. It majorly runs on tracks and light enough not to crack the concrete. It has a self-loading bucket which makes it easier to use. On the other hand, even with this small stature and weight, it has a humungous payload of 1.2 tons. It has a slow but steady pace, making it an ideal machine to transfer and load material in small spaces.
  • Wacker Neuson DT 15: This is another quality model from the same builder. This is just slightly bigger than its brother the DT 12 model and weighs just 100 kgs. With this increased weight, it provides a payload of 1.7 tons. Another difference it has from the DT 12 model is that the bucket of this vehicle is mounted on a turntable. This allows the user to dump its load on both sides of the machine. This added advantage in maneuvering makes it the perfect machine to fill up trenches and also to load materials to a height of approximately 600 mm. this too ruins on tracks and is a bit faster than the DT 12 model. These extra features make it a slightly better model for contractors to use for tight access excavation.

Even though there are many other such small vehicles packing big power for working in confined places, but the most used items are these.

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