Some basics for beginners to learn Taekwondo art

 Taekwondo is pretty common in Korea as it is the traditional art of Korea. Its initial origin is Ancient Korea and can be learned by people of all ages. It increases Positive vitality as it is designed for self-defense and makes us confident.

In this art, you can build your body as well as mental strength. You can learn the meaning of discipline, respect, and even patience while taking the lessons of Taekwondo. Further, you can learn the skills of how to kick, punch, hold, throws and strikes perfectly in this art.

If you experience any issue or injury while learning taekwondo art talk to your Instructors and ask for help to avoid further suffering.

Some basic techniques that beginners need to practice while learning Taekwondo are as follow:

  • Straight-punch: Make a fist which is starts from the upper hips and pushes straight. Its main force should be on the two knuckles. It is the first basic in learning taekwondo for beginners.
  • Low-Block: In this basic, You should put your fist on the opposite shoulder and sweep slightly through your pelvis area. Then, stop for a bit for the next action.
  • Front-kick: It is known to an important kick out there, and It also starts with the first kick chamber.
  • Knife hand-strike: It is done by the palms facing downwards or vise versa. You have to impact the knife of the hands in this strike.

  • Back fist-strike: It is a very simple strike as you have to move your head outward or flipping movement beneath your nose.
  • Sidekick: It is very famous among all professionals as it shows your ability in taekwondo art and how efficient you are in it. In this kick, you have to bring your leg to your side and then pushed it forward.
  • Inside block: In this inside kick, You have to keep your body in motion in a sweeping way to prevent attacks by opposite sides.
  • Face-block: Start with your arm and shoot it up in the air and make an angle and stop at your brows. It protects your head from the opposite party.
  • Round-kick: It is very helpful in sparring and considers as the most important kick out of all kicks.

Above are all the basic steps of taekwondo for beginners. If you want to become a master in this art, learn all steps of this art from your heart.

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About the Author: Jacob Wyatt