Different Grades of Plywood Available in the Indian Market

Customers often get confused among the different plywood grades. While buying, learning the properties becomes difficult. And often they end up purchasing the wrong plywood. Primarily it may seem that all plywood are similar. However, the structure and properties are very different.

What determines the quality?

There are several differences. Quality differs due to several factors. Each grade has various features. Also, the purpose of each plywood is different.

Before knowing the plywood grades, let’s focus on the determining factors that make the disparity between plywood

  • The density of the plywood will vary. The compactness differs.
  • Overlapping and angles of the sheets define the strength. Strength determines durability. Thus durability varies.
  • The weight of each plywood grade is distinct. It shows the plywood grade.
  • Plywood made of softwood are different from hardwood plywood. This also characterizes them.
  • The glue used to attach sheets varies. Glues determine the plywood quality and properties.

Plywood manufacturers make different plywood grades. There are various marks for plywood. This helps to detect the plywood grade. Let us see the marks for each plywood that are available in India.

  • Commercial ply has the grading IS- 303.
  • Marine ply is graded as IS- 710.
  • IS- 1659 is for the blockboard.
  • Flush door plywood is graded as IS- 2002.
  • Shuttering plywood has the grade IS- 4900.

What are plywood grades?

Now let us look into the plywood grades. Four different types of plywood grades are found in India. These are mentioned below.

MR grade plywood 

The most common plywood is MR grade plywood. These plywood are water resistant. The identification mark is IS-303. Remember that MR grade plywood is not waterproof. It only protects against moisture. Direct contact with water should be avoided. It is also known as commercial plywood. It generally uses melamine formaldehyde glue. This is resistant to moisture. But can’t protect the plywood against water.

MR grade plywood is suitable for interior usage. People use it for making furniture items. However, the furniture items should not come in contact with water.

BWR grade plywood 

BWR stands for boiling water resistant. These can’t be distorted even in contact with boiling water. Plies are attached with phenolic glue. These plywood sheets online are durable and strong. You may use it for any purpose. For kitchen, bathroom, and exterior uses, BWR plywood is an option.

BWP grade plywood

Don’t confuse between BWR and BWP plywood. BWP is waterproof. It is made of phenolic glue in the same way. BWP grade is the superior grade of plywood that is completely waterproof. Select carefully according to your purpose.

Choose the one that fits your purpose. Learn about the grades. Consult an expert. And decide carefully.

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