Delicious Chinese recipes to make at home

In India Chinese food is an instant hit. We have our own way of cooking them which is very different from authentic Chinese cuisines and it is definitely a popular one.

One can easily make Chinese food at home and the ingredients that they need are easily available in the nearest shops and supermarkets. To get some Chinese recipe tips in Hindi one can check food magazines and online cooking websites as well.

Once you know the recipe, try and gather the ingredients from supermarkets near you and then you can easily start with the cooking. Here are some basics that you need to learn when it comes to cooking Chinese dishes.

  • You have to know how to make a basic Fried Rice. This is a must main dish when it comes to Chinese dishes. This is very simple to cook you just take few minutes to cook this rice. For ingredients, you need things like onions, pepper, salt, eggs and oyster sauce. You can also add meat and vegetables like bell pepper if you want.
  • Then you should learn how to make oyster sauce chicken. This is a very common Chinese side dish. This is also a quick recipe prepared with chicken thighs and some basic vegetables tossed in a frying pan. One has to simmer the chicken in the sauce and wine and then broth before serving it. Goes perfectly with fried rice.

  • Chicken is a very common ingredient in Chinese recipes.
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    If you want to go for something different then go for pepper steaks which has full of gravy. For this one you have to simmer the meat for at least 30 minutes in a soy broth and then add tomatoes and bell peppers into it. You can also add some garlic, baby corn and corn starch to make it tastier.
  • If you eat beef then beef stir fry can be a delicious option for you.
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    Go for some frozen vegetable mix and beef stir fry along with it. This will take few minutes to cook. It is a very tasty option.
  • Orange stir fry is another option which you can pair up with fried rice and have. You can have chicken or any kind of meat in it. If you are bored of chicken then you can go for pork chops, prawns and shrimps or even tofu instead of using chicken in the dish. Add a few vegetables so that it becomes tastier.
  • Then there is the Kung Pao Chicken which is also a delicacy. This will give you a spicy kick and it is also easy to make at home. One needs some basic vegetables and diced chickens to make this preparation. But here the chicken is not deep fried and it is cooked in simmer for at least 30 minutes to it gets well cooked.

Chinese food recipes in Hindi can be easily found in regular cook books and also some cooking sites and one can easily refer to them. Go for easy recipes in the beginning.

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