Are you a prediabetic?

Are you a prediabetic? Well, worry not, even if you are one!
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But yes, get ready to take a lot of care of your lifestyle and diet. A few mistakes could push you further down the messy road of diabetes. Being prediabetic does not mean much – it only shows your blood glucose levels are higher than normal.
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Thus, you have to manage the levels by changing the way you live, eat and exercise. Not doing the same means, you’ll be at a greater risk of developing type2 diabetes and its associated complications. Take being prediabetic as an opportunity to put the house in order and say goodbye to diabetes.

Don’t panic, just look to manage what you eat and how you go about with life. Diabetes is a chronic disease no one should suffer with. You can still do the needful and manage about fine.
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So, consult the doctor today and live a disease-free life.

Here are some of the things to take care of when you’re pre-diabetic –

  • First of all, you should know your condition is still in control and there is still a chance to avoid getting struck by type 2 diabetes
  • You have numerous options at hand which you can try and avoid getting pushed further in the diabetes voyage
  • You can consult a doctor, seek tons of information on the web, talk to other prediabetics and always have a positive attitude towards the disease
  • Check glucometers on the internet and get a good one for yourself so that you could easily check your blood-glucose levels at home
  • Check your sugar level before any meal and then repeat the act 2 hours after to see the difference
  • You can test yourself for a number of foods and check which one among them are prone to a higher glycemic response
  • The glucometer you have can help determine what to eat or avoid foods on merit, and you can thus prepare a list of items to have
  • Resist the temptation of eating foods or items known to increase sugar levels in blood as this can make you diabetic
  • You can meet up with diet experts and find out foods good and bad in your prediabetic journey
  • Being overweight means you’re more at risks for developing diabetes so look to shed some pounds and minimize the associated dangers
  • Start exercise on a regular basis and you don’t have to expert like a manic but being gentle would do enough for your cause
  • Walk, walk and walk – the more you walk, the better it will make you in the fight with diabetes
  • Don’t waste any chance to log in some extra steps as brisk walking is an excellent exercise for keeping you fit and healthy
  • You can ride a bike or swim as well as both these are good exercise options to lose some weight and stop diabetes risks
  • Above all, take time to consult the doctor and discuss all the step you’re taking being a prediabetic and seek some further advice
  • And, go check glucometer price, its features and new options with the device