Getting The Best Defender for Your Cases in Court

The Meds Lawsuit has been handling numerous victims that were linked to Abilify drug to rise into the thousands. There are several federal judges have made firm dozens of lawsuits asserting the blockbuster antipsychotic drug called Abilify or Aripiprazole. It caused sex addiction, compulsive gambling and so many other disorders. The U.S district Judge M. Casey Rodgers has presided for over about 43 related compulsive behavior lawsuits litigation in multi-district in the Pensacola-based Northern District of Florida.
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This particular lawsuit is well-experienced enough that can handle everything with regards to these extraordinary cases.

Studying About the Incident of The Case

The allege of the plaintiffs are all similar having the same complaint against the makers of the drug which are the Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and the Bristol-Myers Squibb. They failed to formally warn their consumers about the possible side effects of the drug that they need to know. Most of them was addicted to sex, binge eating and compulsive gambling. The Judicial Panel issued an order to combine cases on Multidistrict Litigation on Oct. 3, based on the court documents. The key issues in the drug prosecution involve whether the defendants manufactured or designed a deficient drug and whether they are aware about the drug’s side effects and had given an exact warning to the consumers.

Different Chaos caused by The Drug Being Used by The Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S warned that they received some reports of sexual behaviors, compulsive eating, gambling and shopping that is linked to Abilify in May 2016. Basically, it is the pathological gambling was the most usual behavior being reported. The mentioned behaviors might affect individuals who are using the drug, that was the FDA stated in a safety communication session. As for the best result, they will be added to the drug labels the new warnings about all of the compulsive behaviors and as well for the user’s guides for all the Aripiprizole products. The Judicial Panel released in its order that the Northern District of Florida had the essential judicial expertise and resources to sufficiently manage the litigation.

Most of The Victims Ruined Their Lives Because of Abilify

Most of the complainants who filed lawsuits against the makers of the said drug had turned them into a sex addict and compulsive gamblers that ruined their lives. One, Patrick Parks charged the 2 manufacturers of the product in November 2016. He started taking Abilify around the 2013 of May and started having an obsession with gambling shortly thereafter, as stated in his complaint. He decided to stop using the drug in the 2014 of August and at the same time, he also stopped gambling at all. But after then, it is more than $75,000 worth had already lost him in gambling. And the fact that Mr. Park is not alone having the same issue.
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The drug watch received many emails from the users who have also been subjected to the same experience as Mr. Park. They complained of a sex addiction, compulsive gambling and eating while taking Abilify. All their stories have a single thing in common that right after they stop using the drug, the behaviors also stopped.