Cancers In Dogs And Their Remedial Measures

The word ‘cancer’ sounds as catastrophic as the disease itself is. To define, you could refer it as a cluster of diseases in the body, in which there is an abnormal growth of cells in the body. These cells have the potential to spread and degrade the other parts as well.

Cancers are primarily characterized by tumors, though all the tumors are not cancerous. This disease spreads with the symptoms such as the formation of lumps, uncharacteristic bleeding, protracted coughing, and loss of body weight and irregular movement of bowels.

Where the disease is one of the most calamitous ones for the humans, it has a proper influence on the animals too. Our nurtured pets too could get affected by this dangerous disease, which has the capability of taking their life within a short period of time.

While talking about dogs, a fact says that cancer is a major killer for your pets which are above the age of 10. Researchers too prove that almost fifty percent of the pet dogs encounter some kind of cancer in their due life course East london personal training.

In this, we would be discussing this burning topic on cancers, which would include the following aspects:

  • The major types of cancers that affect the canines
  • Causes of cancers in dogs
  • Symptoms viewed while the dogs encounter cancer
  • Preventing cancers in dogs
  • Treatment of dogs with cancers

What Are The Types Of Cancers That Affect The Dogs?

The most common types of cancers encountered by the dogs are:

  • Skin Cancers: cancers in the skin of dogs develop with the lumps or tumors that may be visible or not. Most of the visible lumps could be removed by surgeries. There may be some large tumors or tumors at certain places, where surgical option does not come into play. These could certainly contain some cancerous cells which are capable of spreading to the other parts.

The biopsy is one of the treatments in the skin by which a destructive cancerous tumor could be destroyed, followed by surgery of the affected place.

  • Breast Cancers: dogs visibly possess five breasts on each side of their stomach. Cancerous cells could hover in any of the breasts, which are characterized by the development of tumors in the body. About half of the tumors in breasts are not the causes of cancers while others could certainly affect the body.

These cancers could require the surgical removal of breasts from the body of pets, though it is first diagnosed through X-Rays etc.

  • Leukemia: this is a type of cancer that affects the white blood cells in the body of dogs. It is a well-known fact that these cells are the main renderers of immunity in the body. The main culprit is a type of cell known as the lymphocyte, which circulates in blood as well as the lymphatic system.

When lymphocytes are affected by the cancers, their number tends to multiply manifolds. Due to this, there could be an enlargement of the lymph nodes and there could be visible lumps on the throat area and other parts of the body.

Leukemia is generally the most critical of all the cancers as its treatment is highly complex.

Apart from these, other cancers which scarcely affect the dogs are Osteosarcoma, Mast Cell Tumor and Oral cancers etc occupational health Services Get Occupational Health Services, On-Site Medical Services, Wellness Services, Healthcare Services in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Contact Blue collar health for Health and Productivity Management Services, Call us at +27 11 892 0627 or Email us at Occupational Health Services.

What Are The Causes Of Cancers In Dogs?

There could be a hoard of causes due to which cancerous cells are developed in the body of pets. Some of these areas under:

  • Prolonged ailments could be a cause of cancers in the body of dogs
  • An imbalance in the naturally occurring enzymes in the body
  • Environmental smoke from the industries, vehicles, and tobacco
  • Direct sunlight that is high in harmful Ultra-Violet rays, which could cause mutation in the cells of body
  • Harmful chemicals if ingested with the food or linger on the skin
  • Improper and unbalanced nutrition from the diet it follows
  • Bacteria and viruses that attack the body of pets
  • Consumption of heavy metals such as mercury and asbestos etc
  • Canned foods could also be a cause of the cancers in dogs