Top Qualities of an Outstanding Harness for Dogs of All Sizes

Taking care of pets is the same as caring a growing child. You are willing to provide everything to your pet from emotional to basic needs of food, shelter, and home. If you look around, there are tons of shops and parlors that are dedicated to providing service to pets. For instance, dogs attend an event together in one place. By showcasing their skills, and showing off their talents, a dog and the owner’s bond improves.

A dog will need more than just water and food to survive the day. Just like humans, dogs also have a distinct want from time to time. Your pet may not be able to speak, but it’s understandable how they may want something more than foods and shelter.

Decrypting the Purpose of Harness

Walking the dog around without something that you can hold is not that bad. But, for safety purposes, it is better to have something that allows you to hold the dog while going for a walk. The most common tool for the walk session less hassle is to have that leash and a collar. Right now, there are more people who opt for using a harness instead. Most pet owners prefer to use a harness as it is more comfortable to the pet’s end.

For several purposes such as walking and meeting new friends at the park, a harness is necessary. If you’re a person who likes visiting the park almost thrice every week then a harness will be a good option to get. Essentially, a dog will feel better with a harness around the body. Dog harnesses can prevent injuries around the neck and trachea area to happen. In times when the pet is uneasy and keeps on fighting the leash, a collar may choke the dog in the end. But, with a harness, there is a small chance of injury to take place. That is because it is spread between the back and the shoulder.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Harness

Aside from the color, design, and length, there are three major factors you must not ignore in buying the right harness for your dog. Check the details below for guidance purposes.


It is understandable how a pet owner would like to opt for the cheapest accessory in a store. But, if you are planning to use the item on a regular basis then might as well choose the one with a great quality. Check the materials that compose the final product in front of you. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t seem to match the value you are about to pay in the cashier.


Comfort is one thing that makes everything easy. Buying the most expensive harness without a sign on providing comfort is a waste of money. Check the very materials that are completing the external of the accessory. Touch it and feel the very corners if it doesn’t have any sharp edges around when fitted by the dog.


Of course, harnesses are accessories that can be worn several times. But, the thing is, you need to wash it every time your dog takes it off after the day. If you’ve purchased one that doesn’t belong to the washing machine then you may need to invest some time to get it cleaned. Always check the instructions for cleaning the harness. See if a simple machine wash can take the dirt away.

Now that you’ve identified the qualities to look for the best harness in town, your next step is to find the supplier. Ask people around you and some friends who have a dog in their house. Gather as much information needed to support your purchase. Also, at the moment you will buy the item, it is ideal to bring the dog with you. In that manner, you will know on the spot if your dog is comfortable with it.

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