Buy Quality Makeup Primer in Malaysia

If you type that really loves to wear makeup but you have never used a makeup primer from Malaysia then you are truly missing a great opportunity due to the fact that you can find some of the best and quality makeup primer in Malaysia. Regardless of whether you want to have a full face of makeup or you wish to keep it very simple but wonder where you can have a makeup primer to make a smooth base foundation, then you can buy makeup primer in Malaysia.

However, many people do not regularly use makeup primer due to the reasons that either they do not think it is really necessary to use it or maybe they want to use it but have not really had a quality makeup primer for their foundation. Hence, if you fall in any of these categories then you are assured that you can buy different types of makeup primer in that are of high quality in Malaysia.

Tips on how to choose Makeup Primer

You can never doubt the fact that you can find some of the best and quality makeup primers in Malaysia but there are some things you have to consider when buying the makeup primer. Before you buy any makeup primer, you need to consider the type of skin you have so that you can buy the right primer for your skin. This is because not all the primers are suitable for all kinds of skins.

  • Makeup Primer for Normal Skin

In the case where you have a normal skin, which implies that your pores are not very large, neither are they very little, and that your skin does not easily get too dry nor oily over a long period of time, then there are a variety of blur primers that you can choose from to help you wear your makeup which will last for a long period.

  • Makeup primer for Dry skin

Dry skins are somehow very complicated when it comes to makeups, therefore when you want to buy a primer, you basically need a makeup primer which can moisturize the skin and then provide you with a moist finish. In addition to that, since most people with dry skins have a hard time getting a suitable makeup primer, it is imperative that before they buy any makeup primer, they have to first ask for a sample to try on. This is to help them buy the kind of makeup primer that will be best for their dry skin.

  • Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

Since people who have oily skin normally have bigger pores, it is better that they buy makeup primers that have pore-underrating effect. In addition to that, people who have oily skin should buy makeup primer that will prevent their skin from really getting greasy or shiny all through the day. Most importantly since people with oily skins are mostly prone to pimples, they should never forget to buy the makeup primer which has anti-pimple ingredient in order to always keep them save and free any blemishes or pimples.

 With regards to the type of skin you have, you are assured that you will surely find the kind of makeup primer that will give you a foundation for a long-lasting makeup in Malaysia.


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