Wear abaya with style

Wearing an abaya to a Muslim woman can be a necessity. Even if it is a personal choice for many, most women like to wear it during their special occasions like Ramadan.

Ababya definitely has its own history of origin. It was first written in Quran that wearing this will save the women and no harm will come to them. That is why; it was made loose fitted and even layered. This piece of clothing was mainly created so that women can avoid unwanted attention. It was made for the modesty of a woman to be protected.

One can get to buy stylish abayas online. There are Dubai style abayas which are very pretty and one can easily wear them with some stylish scarves. How you will style the scarf completely depends on you, and it can give you a very chic look. There is also a Turkish style abaya which looks very alluring as they have proper embellishments done on its body. one can wear them along with a head scarf. It increases the beauty of the entire attire. Even some years ago women never experimented with abaya. They used to wear the same old long and black coloured abayas but at present the taste have changed. Women have become more conscious about their fashion and styles. That is why; they have started experimenting the looks and styles of abaya as well. Now at present not only the dull black colour, but abayas are available in every possible colour. Many designers have tried giving abaya a new cut and style which can look very fashionable. One can also pair up simple abayas with printed scarves as they look really nice.

There are some new and trendy ways to wear abayas these days. You can wear it like an open jacket. This is a very popular trend that is followed recently. Wear it with some wide leg pants and also a top tucked inside it. You can also wear it like an open jacket over a maxi dress which also looks nice. Then add some accessories to it. Pair it up with pointed heels or laced up flats. Wear a pair of jun earrings with them and take a clutch or a cross body bag with it. Even if you are wearing the same old black abaya, this can bring an interesting twist to it.

The other important thing is to pick the perfect hijab with the abaya. But mostly abayas come with a matching hijab but one might not find it stylish enough to pair them together. If you are wearing a black abaya, go for some other coloured hijab and vice versa. Choose some colours according to your skin tone. One can try warm colours like salmon and peach. One can also go for bright colours like greens and blues. When you pick the hijab, it also have to match your skin tone.

One can buy abaya online cheap and then [air them up with proper hijabs to maintain the style quotient.


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