Accommodations fit for royalty

If ever you are planning your vacation and want to stay in Malaysia, why not stay in kuala lumpur accommodation that offers you 5 star international hotel quality services as well as amenities and rooms, the Sunway Putra hotel.

Conveniently situated just outside Kuala Lumpur’s busy central business district yet quite accessible if you really want to check it out as well as near the famous Petronas Twin Towers also known as the KLCC towers, it also has a mall beside it to add for good measure.

Make your stay in KL a luxurious one

When staying at the Sunway Putra, you are staying at a hotel that’s nothing short of luxurious. Get to experience quality service and amenities day in and day out for the duration of your stay there. The rooms are really fit for royalty, spacious and elegant, it will make your stay at the hotel really worth it and you might even wish that you can stay for longer.

Get your shop on

It’s quite convenient that the new Sunway Putra mall is just beside the hotel. Talk about retail therapy. Having access to a mall that’s really close to a hotel is a big plus so you can get your shopping started anytime of the day with ease. You can even ask the bellboys to help you carry all the shopping bags you have back to your room, convenience at its finest.

So near yet so far

Since the hotel is situated just around 3 kilometres outside Kuala Lumpur’s busiest place, although you get to relax in peace without experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit it anytime you want since it’s pretty accessible. A night around town to see and experience Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife should do the trick.
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Back to the castle we go

After a night around town, you have the privilege of going back to the hotel and retiring to your very luxurious room. There are a lot of selections as far as room choices go and they are all spacious, designed with class and luxury to give you and other future guests the best possible experience you can get during your stay at the hotel.

Get to see KLCC

The hotel is also near KLCC or the Petronas Twin Towers, so you can go full on tourist mode and visit it easily. There’s a shuttle that’s going by the hotel every few hours to take you to and from the twin towers. Better get your camera and selfie game ready. Your trip to Kuala Lumpur wouldn’t be complete without a picture of you with the Petronas towers in the background.

As far as luxury and accessibility goes, the Sunway Putra Hotel wins the race by a long shot. With its 5 star international quality service, amenities and rooms fit for royalty, its proximity to shopping areas and tourist attractions, your stay at the hotel will be so worth it that you’re probably thinking of extending for a few more days.
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