Are you a skilled worker and planning to work in Australia? Do you also want a permanent resident visa ?  The direct entry stream visa in Australia is for people who have been nominated under the direct entry stream by their employer, people who have never worked , or worked for some time in Australia or temporary residents who are not applicable for Temporary Residence Transition stream.

  • The direct entry stream visa for Australia is a permanent residence visa applicable for skilled workers. You would be eligible to get the visa under the Direct Entry Stream only if you have been selected for that particular position and the following selection must be approved and you are applying directly from outside Australia.
  • If you are applying under the direct entry stream , you need to provide a skill assessment with your application and not after applying the visa , otherwise it would be rejected.


  • To satisfy the age requirement , you should be under 45 years of age to be eligible for applying the application.
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) , should be submitted.
  • You should have an evidence or proof of your skill by the concerning authority otherwise , your application won’t be accepted.
  • You must have copies of all your work experience and qualifications.
  • You should have the registration and the license required for working in the country. Make sure that the type of registration and license must be specified. The name and the contact details for the licensing authority should also be there.
  • If you are exempt from the skill requirement , you must provide a proof of applications such as – you are academically employed by a university in Australia or you are a researcher or a scientist at ANZSCO to whom an Australian government agency is going to provide employment.


  • Before applying the application , a suitable English language test is to be given. The result of the exam would determine your eligibility to survive in a different country. Your application would not be accepted without this evidence.
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  • You should be 18 years or above at the time you apply for the application.
  • The following English speaking tests are considered –
  1. IELTS – An international English language testing system which contains four parts that are speaking , reading , listening and writing. You should score a good band of at least 5.
  2. TOEFL –  The test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an internet-based Test with the same four test components.
  3. PTE – the Pearson test of English must be cleared with an average score of 30.
  4. CAE – The advanced Cambridge English test should have at least 147 as a score to qualify.

All these English speaking tests are based on the four components of testing and should be completed within 12 months of visa application.

These are a few things you should keep in mind while applying for a direct entry stream visa. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully for a smooth visit.
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