Best Craft Businesses That Are Most Profitable

Starting a business from scratch can be a real uphill challenge, especially if you aren’t fully committed to pushing through the initial roadblocks that all entrepreneurs face when getting a new operation of off of the ground floor.

Thankfully though – in large part because of modern technology and the internet – it’s become a lot easier to build a profitable business from scratch than ever before. You’ll still want to be sure that you are getting started with a business that has all the potential in the world to grow and help you achieve the financial dreams you are pushing towards, but that’s what the rest of this quick guide is designed to help you out with.
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T-shirt businesses are incredibly popular

One of the easiest craft businesses to hit the ground running with that has the potential to be wildly profitable is a T-shirt designing and printing business.

The technology for printing up custom T-shirts is more accessible and more affordable today than it ever used to be in the past.
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A lot of services will allow you to print on demand without any minimum requirement orders in place, giving you the opportunity to spend your time designing different T-shirts and only ordering merchandise to ship when your customers purchase them.

Best Craft Businesses That Are Most Profitable

You can turn a pretty profit with a toy making operation

Sure, there are plenty of kids that are playing with digital devices, video games, and smart phones or tablets – but “old-school” toys are coming back in a big way.

You can pioneer new toys and get in contact with overseas manufacturers to bring your toy to life without a mountain of capital behind you, but you can also revitalize, rejuvenate, or modify old and vintage toys so that they can be used by a brand-new generation.

Woodworking and welding skills are always in demand

Both of these skills are incredibly high in demand right now, and those that possess even just average woodworking and welding skills are able to pull down significant numbers with a brand-new business right out of the gate – especially if the skills are combined with exciting designs that are usually modern and more minimalist in nature.

The online marketplace for these skills and the finished products produced by these skills is red hot right now, making this one of the most profitable craft businesses anyone could get into.

Commissioned paintings

People are spending on art again, something that they weren’t doing even just a handful of years ago – and our customers aren’t just spending on famous names, either.

Smaller artists, lesser-known names, and even complete and total unknown artists (to the overall “art community, anyway) are making a tremendous amount of money online with this kind of craft business. Most of these artists are using social media – Instagram in particular – to showcase their skills and their talents, but also using the social media platforms to act as a marketing and sales channel for custom commissions as well.

It’s a very exciting time for those with craft skills to get into the world of business ownership!

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