Coworking Collabs – How To Work With Your Competition

Philippine businesses, like others in Asia, are taking advantage of the coworking trend that has made it possible for fledgeling businesses to really succeed. This is great news because the prosperous economy is experiencing growth which translates into numerous opportunities for business. Furthermore, co-working spaces make it possible for startups and SMEs to level the playing field because of the many resources available to them.

While it might seem odd to forge relationships with those you would normally compete with, the co-working space is a nurturing environment that creates opportunities as opposed to inspiring competition. In fact, those who engage the co-working community will find that much of the working in creating collaboration begins with networking. By getting to know the competition, the competition becomes collaborators in ventures that can sometimes be quite lucrative.

Continue reading to learn more about how to make your co-working space in the Philippines a place that fosters collaboration.

Find Community

Professionals working in the Philippines are attracted to the co-working space model because it does engender the kind of relationships that focus on community. In most of Asia, making friends before building relationships is a great part of business, so finding an appropriate space is important. Most spaces are set up for work and for networking, as seen on the site at

However, when forging a community for your business, make sure the co-working space meets your business’s needs. If you are a startup, check out spaces that cater to new businesses only because they can create the environment that nurtures business growth. Niche and industry-specific spaces are also great, but they might limit you in the opportunities to engage with a diverse range of industries.

Invest In Small Talk

The co-working space presents you with many opportunities to engage with others. As the social hub of the space, hot desks can be your go-to for conversation.
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While working, take a little time to get to know your neighbours. Also, many of these offices have designated social areas where you can engage other community members. During breaks, hang out in the lounge and café areas and talk to some of the people with whom you work.

The point is to take as many opportunities to talk to the professionals that comprise the space. This is integral to building collaboration opportunities because these spaces tend to be rented by professionals from a diverse range of industries. In getting to know others, you learn more information related to the cost of goods and services across industries, and you get referrals.

Participate In Your Community

Emphasize community as a part of your daily schedule in the co-working space. This means taking advantage of each and every opportunity to socialise in both formal and informal settings. The best co-working spaces present their renters with opportunities to get to know each other, whether it involves hosting barbecues, hosting conferences, or establishing an online community, to name a few activities.

Build Relationships

Use your co-working space to leverage community to build relationships in the office and in the greater Filipino community. Volunteer to help with events in the co-working space, host your own events, establish an online presence, and find mentors. All of this work and all of this connecting culminate into forming trusting business relationships that develop into collaboration opportunities. Then, form creative collaborations that turn into lucrative ideas by working with professionals from industries outside of your own. In this way, not only do you learn more from these people, branching out results in more visibility and growth for the business.

Transforming Competition Into Collaboration

Use the tools available to your business and the natural social environment to connect with others working in the space for business and mentoring opportunities. As these relationships become more meaningful, competition is removed from an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable with each other. Ultimately, competition all but disappears in an environment where community fosters collaboration.

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