How To Make Most Of Your Short Van Renting Service While Moving

If you are planning to move, but you do not have the needed vehicle yourself, you should consider renting a vehicle instead. There are many different vehicles that renting companies offer, so do proper research before hiring.

It is important to choose a reputable renting company; consider visiting the professional one-way van hire hire from Go With The Gecko or other reputable renting companies in your area. As long as you do proper research, there is nothing to worry about.

Choose a reputable renting company

Different rates for one day van hires

However, if you are only looking to hire a van for a day, you should know that the one-day van hire services will allow you to do all the necessary work at a smaller price. There are actually three different ways the one-day hires are usually priced:

  1. A fixed price– that will allow you to have a more flexible timeline on the day you are supposed to move, and that is ideal for any kind of job that involves moving furniture, drop-offs and so on.
  2. Hourly prices – are obviously charging by the hour, and are great for the movers who know exactly what they need, and how much time it will take.
  3. Paying by the mile – these types of one-day van hires are mostly good for those who are planning to make short journeys with bulky or large items.

Getting a bigger van

The cost of the rent depends on more than just the amount of time you will need the vehicle for… it also depends on the size of the vehicle. This is why ‘bigger is better’, especially when there is not that big of a difference between the prices of smaller and bigger vans. It is also advised that you choose the hourly prices.

Perfect for delivery jobs

If you have just bought a new item, and you do not know how to get that bigger item home, you can always hire a van for a day. These types of rents are great for those who need a vehicle for a short time period.

But, the pricing of the van hires always depends on the company you choose; lucky for you most these companies will have their own website. For example, you can check out van hire Gold Coast from Go With The Gecko or visit your local providers instead. Whatever you do, make sure to pick a reputable provider.

 Insurance costs

Most rental companies will offer insurance coverage for any damaged, stolen or broken items as a part of their service. However, this still depends on the provider, so make sure that this is properly discussed before signing any papers.

Consider the size of the van carefully

In most cases, the third-party insurance will be recommended for one-day van hires, especially when it comes to self-driving. Before you choose to hire a vehicle, it is important that you properly read their contracts and ask anything that you are unsure of.
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Insurance is very important when it comes to vehicle rentals.

Final word

The renting companies will often offer different types of vehicles for you to choose from, so it is important that you choose the right renting company for your needs. Reputable and popular renting companies might be pricier, but they always deliver 100% with their services, which does not mean that the less known companies will not be good enough. Choose wisely!

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