The HVAC Direct Refrigeration Service

The HVAC Direct Refrigeration Service

For many years, HVACDirect has connected HVAC&R engineers with the best HVAC and Refrigeration tools. The company continues to offer engineers the best quality equipment, tools and refrigeration products. Our products are also sold at affordable prices.

HVACDirect is the connection between HVAC& R engineers and manufacturers.  So far, we are the leading provider of the best refrigeration tools. For this reason, we are introducing our refrigeration service to our esteemed and potential customers. Let’s check out more about this service.

Why HVACDirect refrigeration services stand out

When it comes to refrigeration services, HVACDirect walks the talk. Having been in this field for several years, our technical team knows the ins and outs of the service. We have many reasons to say that our company is the provider of refrigeration services. These are, but not limited to;

  • HVACDirect uses quality refrigeration equipment

As mentioned earlier, HVACDirect is the leading provider of HVAC&R tools. Some of our refrigeration tools include refrigerant identifiers, recovery units, gauges, manifolds and other accessories. As a matter of fact, the company gets its tools from certified manufacturers. Therefore, you can always be assured that our experts only use quality accessories and equipment for all refrigeration services.

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  • Our service is affordable

Quality service and affordability is the working principle of our company. Compared to other service providers, we are the most affordable. The reason is that we acquire our refrigeration tools at the manufacturer’s price. No middlemen are involved in our purchase process. For this reason, we extend the same affordability to our customers. Rather than using an arm and a leg to acquire equality refrigeration tools and services, our customers spend less to get the best service.

  • HVACDirect only hires experts

In our mission to offer qualified service, we only hire qualified people. The company always makes effort to satisfy its customers. A team of experts carries out your refrigeration needs. As such, customers do not worry about failed, compromised or quack services. Also, the experts value our customers. They build customer-client relationships and consider customers preferences and needs always.

What we offer in our refrigeration services

At HVACDirect we offer installation, repair, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as;

  • Freezers,
  • Coolers,
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Walk-in coolers.
  • Commercial refrigeration systems
  • Ice makers
  • Frozen beverage machines
  • Reach-in coolers

HVACDirect refrigeration tools

  • Refrigerant recovery units
  • Refrigerant Identifiers
  • Refrigerant gauges and manifolds
  • Refrigeration parts such as motor protectors and temperature controllers

HVACDirect refrigeration services save you energy and money

Our refrigeration service considers your need to save money. We install tools that conserve energy. As a result, you will not need to regularly switch off your refrigerants to prevent high bills. Our equipment uses minimum energy, saving you money. We are always ready to meet individual, commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. Contact us any time.