Online psychometric Evaluation: Know the different types

These days, organizations of all types are favouring taking tests among potential candidates for placing them in key positions. Hence, they are making use of different types of online testing tools that are available for free or for a small fee.

Psychometric testing essentials

According to the industry experts, psychometric test is considered to be a method through the recruiters is in a position to evaluate the potential candidate’s abilities. Such tests are conducted generally by recruiters for measuring the candidate’s potentiality. Previously, recruiters were concerned with the applicant’s CV and his/her qualifications. With time, the service industry is only getting tougher. With hundreds of potential candidates applying for a single post, the job of the recruiters have become quite tricky, requiring them to make use of modern, supplicated tools for evaluation process.

Type of evaluation tools used

There are different types of tests that are used by recruiters. Few of them are given below:

  • Aptitude test
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Situational judgment test
  • Critical thinking
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning and much more.

The term ‘psychometric evaluation’ is considered to be an umbrella term that includes both personality profiling and ability testing.

Skills to find out in the candidates

The candidates need to be open to learning at all times. Since in work, there will be required constant learning to prove to be efficient and effective. An independent mind is a must have for the candidate. They should be clear enough to ask questions pertaining to the job, evaluate the hurdles that come across and find out logical appropriate solutions for the same. It is this way that they can progress easily and effortlessly on the job. This logical skill does not completely depend upon individual qualification and skills learnt. Different types of jobs do require different levels of logical skills, abilities and expertise. The employers during the recruitment process have to evaluate all these parameters to make sure that the right candidate is selected for the job.

Moreover, logical thinking does allow the individual to reject all snappy answers and move towards the right direction in the job. They can take the correct decision that is most appropriately suited for the job. Imbibing logical skills will help the individual to use different types of effective and currently available sophisticated techniques to come up with the best solutions.

Intelligence test

There are some positions in an organization that requires the candidates to be smart, intelligent and result oriented. It is not possible to find out the person’s capability only by verbal interview or through his detailed CV or past performances. It is through these exams that the best candidates among the lot can be selected and the success rate in this regard is quite high.

There are different tests like mentioned above used by the recruiters to recruit candidates for different profiles. Taking the tests also helps the candidates to understand their skills, knowledge and work abilities. There is actually no pass or fail in such type of exam, but the skill set of the individual is determined, thus making it much easier for the recruiters to select the very best candidates who can perform to the optimum in the given position.

Finding the right type of questionnaire related to the test

This is of utmost importance, something that should not be neglected or overseen by the recruiters. It is equally crucial to determine the position and the strengths required by the individual candidates to perform any task assigned to the specific post.
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There are available standard questionnaires which can be used for taking the evaluation test. At the same time, if the position requires more specific skills, then it will be necessary to customize the questions, so that the candidate giving the perfect answer can be chosen for the job.

Choosing the right candidates for the job will help the organization to ensure that the assigned work is completed on time and without any help from the seniors. This in turn boosts overall productivity of the organization and also allows the employ to flourish and earn rewards, recognitions and promotions, thus enjoying his/her work.