Throw a Science Party for Your Kids to Learn and Enjoy

When elders are having fun at their party why are the children left behind? Kids have many occasions to throw their own party for their friends. For example, a birthday party, throwing a party for new neighborhood children. Things are getting more exciting when parties for kids couple with different themes. Kids enjoy with their exciting games, foods, dance and many more especially arranged for them.

There are many forms of parties but a science party for kids is now trending.  Kids are more fascinated by magic which are happening around them. Do you know why are kids drawn to the science party?
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The only reason behind this is they can learn how does the magic happen?

What exactly happens in a science party?

Kids like the environment of a laboratory where a scientist, all dressed in a lab coat, is standing to greet them. There are many experimental sets up for kids. The scientist will show some magic and disclose the science behind the sorcery. The demos that are arranged are fully safe for the children. They can even try them out in presence of scientist. Age limit for the kids to attend the party is five years to 12 years.

Participating in science experiments like slime making, magic sand making encourages the children in science. This party is better than any theme party. Children can party and at the same time, they are learning new things and fact about science. A special dress and goggles are being provided to the children to make it more exciting.

Apart from the experiments, there are more to it. Every science party includes science-based exciting games and normal games for the children. And don’t forget the dancing part. Yes maybe it is a science party but dance is must at any party.
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What are the other exciting things the science party has?

The attractive thing at the party is the snow machine. The special snow machine does not require cleaning. With the special bubble wand the party filled up will bubble and snow. It was like heaven for kids.

Ok, wait things are not finished here. They also provide three special balloon models for the birthday boy or host (kid). End of the party there are prizes for every kid present. They also distribute free science-themed invites, stickers, posters etc.

What is the cost of this kind of science party?

There is a different rate for every corner of the country excluding value-added tax. But the average amount depends on the party hours.

  • For one hour party – £200
  • For one and half an hour party – £235
  • For two hour – £275
  • For each additional hour, you have to pay – £65
  • If children exceed over 20 then for you have to pay £2.50/child.

Where do you arrange the party?

The party location is strictly preferable for your location. If you want a big location then they can also suggest some nearest to your house.

They are spread in each corner of the land starting from the Northumberland to Cornwall.

What else do you need? Arrange a science party for kids and let your kids learn in an exciting way.

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