Win the Heart of Your Kids with These Birthday Cakes

The happiness of your kids means the world to you. After the birth of a child, all that a parent wants is limitless happiness for their kids. Thus, a kid’s birthday becomes more than just a date on the calendar. Now, as a cake is always the most important thing in any birthday party, you must plan the cake for your kids well in advance. Gone are the days when cakes were baked at home because no one has time these days! To save time and to explore a world of a large variety of designer cakes, ordering cakes online is the latest fashion. Here are some of the birthday cake ideas that you can order from any online cake shop or learn it yourself from YouTube easily and win the heart of your kids!

Photo Cakes:

In the world of cakes, this photo cake is the latest addition which has definitely pumped up the level of excitement among people. To raise the meter of happiness thus you can order a birthday cake with photo of your tiny tot. There must be some adorable pictures of your little munchkin which you have saved on your phone or laptop. So, search them and get this birthday cake for your little monster. Do mention your kid’s favorite cake flavor!

Cartoon Cakes:

You simply cannot divide the cartoon characters and the kids! The world of kids is stuffed with lovely and imaginary cartoon characters. These adorable kids love to collect souvenirs of their favorite cartoon heroes and heroines. They dream to be as valiant as a Superman, generous as Spiderman, and benevolent as ChhotaBheem. They also learn the lessons of forgiveness, love, care, share, and patriotism from cartoon shows. The difference between “what is right?” and “what is wrong?” also starts developing in their mind with these cartoon and superhero shows.
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So, bringing a cartoon birthday cake for your little hero or angel’s birthday would be a fabulous idea. There are innumerable fondant and semi-fondant cakes celebrating cartoons like Superman, Ironman, Avengers, ChhotaBheem, Minions, Angry Birds, Smurf, etc. Have a look and start ordering.

Chocolate Cakes:

What can beat the appeal of a nice, rich, creamy, and luxurious chocolate cake? There is no other alternative discovered yet to this piece of pleasure, happiness, and heaven. If your kid is also one of those hardcore chocoholics, then you must get Chocolate Cakes for him/her. Now, there are many options in a chocolate cake. Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Cream Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Chocolate Fruit Gateau, Triple Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Profiterole, Oreo Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Chocolate Walnut Truffle, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Belgian Chocolate Cake, etc. The list is really endless! Simply, order any of these cakes to wish a birthday and pray for your kid’s happiness!

Car Cakes:

Car symbolizes speed, wealth, power, and luxury. Of course, the kids don’t understand all these symbolic meaning of a car.

To the kids, a car is simply “fast and furious” which refers to fun and adventure. If your kid is a fan of fancy cars, then he/she must be having the small toy cars of all models from BMW to Mercedes. On your kid’s upcoming birthday party, surprise him/her with a car cake replicating the model of your kid’s favorite car.

Sports Cakes:

Any kind of sports is a great physical activity for the kids. To remain fit and healthy, participating in various sports is important.
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While playing a particular sport, a kid learns more than just the techniques of the sport. A kid learns how to operate in a team, how to adjust among people, how to cope up with a challenge, how to manage with people of lower and higher potential, and most importantly a kid learns the basics of winning and losing. Raise the sportsman spirit in your kid by ordering an amazing sports cake. It can be a Cricket Cake where a pitch, wickets, bat, gloves, and ball are visible or it can be a basketball cake featuring the basketball court.

Hope these beautiful cake ideas for kids would make the kid’s birthday party more interesting and enjoyable!