The Various Forms of Courier Insurance to Consider

Every courier service provider should be covered since the service offered involves other people. You need to get informed about the types of Courier insurance plans available and how each of them works. This way, you can be duly informed before you chose any of the available plans. Check below for some of the available insurance plans to consider for your courier services and head on to the site and find out more.

Vehicle and van cover

You need an insurance cover for the van or vehicle used for your courier service. Also, you will need a minimum of third party cover for the vehicles. In your case, you will need to go for a business cover since you’re using the vehicles to convey goods. If you ever have an accident, a fully comprehensive cover can minimize the loss from the accident.

The full cover insurance can give you access to an alternative vehicle for your business so that accidents involving your vehicles will not put you out of business since insurance claim on the damaged vehicle may take a long time before completion. Any courier company using a vehicle must go for this type of insurance.

Goods in transit cover

Your courier insurance should also cover the goods you’re transporting. The cover should be enough for any particular good involved. This way, you can make claims successfully if the need arises. If the items being transported are sensitive or confidential, you cannot do without an insurance cover since loss or damage, theft or delay of those items can cause a lot of problems for your customer. The need for insurance cover increases with the increase in the value of the item.

Motorcycle and bicycle cover

Motorcycles are prone to a particular set of accidents and also need to be given courtier insurance if they’re used for your courtier services. Your courier company can suffer some setback or receive some unpalatable public out-lash if your company rider has an accident on the motorcycle while in the line of duty.The susceptibility of motorcycle and bicycle accidents are more than that of vehicles. As a result, insurance cover for these types of transport is more expensive than that of four-wheeled vehicles.

Employers and public liability insurance

Your company may need the policy to cover accidental damages or injuries as part of your courier insurance. This type of policy is standard for every courtier service provider.

Other types of insurance cover you should consider for your courier services are highlighted below:

  • Warehouse cover: This is essential for those who store goods before or after transporting them.
  • Property cover: This is important for the items you used in transporting your courier business, including your computer.
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  • Breakdown cover: This is needed to cover your vehicles if they break down during
  • European cover: This courier insurance is required if you’re traveling in Europe. It will get you covered if the goods being transported goes missing in the European Union.

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