6 Beautiful Ways To Wish Your Loved Ones A Belated Happy Birthday

6 Beautiful Ways To Wish Your Loved Ones A Belated Happy Birthday

In a world full of hatred, and enmity, you have got your loved ones who always shower their endless love and warmth upon you in one way or another. Be it on the time when you are feeling sad or on your birthday, if there is any constant thing that makes your life happier then, it’s the love and support of your loved ones. But, there comes a time when you all get so busy in your own lives that you tend to forget the most important days of loved one’s lives. You may forget to wish your loved one’s on their birthdays and this may hamper the bond between you and them. So, in future, if you ever forget to wish your loved ones on their special days then, make it up with the following beautiful ways: 

Make A Surprise Visit

Another beautiful way of wishing your loved ones a belated happy birthday is by making a surprise visit. Suppose, you forgot your best friend’s birthday and he or she is really hurt. In such a case, you can pacify his or her anger by visiting him. This gesture will surprise your best friend and make him feel loved.

Send A Cake To Their Doorstep

Even if you forget your loved one’s birthday, you can now wish them a belated happy birthday by making a sweet gesture. You can send a delicious cake along with a gift card to their doorsteps from online cake portals. With the aid of these online cake portals, now you can order a cake online in Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, etc.

Write Them A Handwritten Letter

Amid your busy and hectic schedule, if you ever forget someone’s birthday who is very important to you, it might really hurt the sentiments of that person. Be it your mother or your girlfriend, anyone who is close to you will get hurt for sure. In that case, writing a handwritten letter to the person and asking a genuine apology will set everything right.

A Belated Happy Birthday

Write A Post On Their Timeline

One of the easiest yet beautiful way of winning your loved one’s heart back when you have forgotten their birthday is by writing a post on their timeline. It may be any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram where you can write a post describing the importance of your loved ones in your life. It will surely work.

Make A Sorry Video For Them

Making a sorry video is one of the cutest ways of wishing someone a belated happy birthday. Whether it’s your best friend of your girlfriend, a funny sorry video is going to bring a thousand watt smile on their face. This gesture is sure to make them forgive you for not remembering their birthdays. 

Ask For An Apology On A Call

When you think nothing is working out and the person whose birthday you have forgotten is not even ready listen to you, just ask for an apology on a call. Make the person understand that you’ve been busy with your hectic schedule lately and tell that person that you would not repeat this mistake again.

With these amazing ideas, now learn to wish your loved ones a belated happy birthday in the most thoughtful way.

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