All you should Know about Narcissistic Abuse Recovery!

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According to common understanding, narcissists are those who feel that they are the center of the universe and that no one else matters as much as them. However, this is totally a myth. As per psychology, narcissists as those who have a very poor self-image and self-esteem. This feeling of worthlessness is what leads them to cover up the gap by praising themselves unnecessarily. They don’t wish to impress other. They wish to impress themselves. Thus, we can safely term is as nothing more than a coping mechanism. However, this can turn abusive as times and that is when it becomes narcissistic abuse. Keep reading ahead to find out about narcissistic abuse recovery.

Some common signs of narcissistic abuse:

  • Verbal abuse: One of the most common forms of narcissistic abuse is bullying and using verbal hostility. This can include the use of unnecessary sarcasm, taunts, malice and undue criticism. They doubt you all the time and make you question your mental capacities.
  • Manipulation: Another common sign of narcissistic abuse is manipulation. Those who are narcissists believe that they have the power to dominate others. Thus, they try to manipulate everyone and use them.
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    If this happens once, they keep repeating it because even if they realize that what they are doing is wrong, they think of only their benefits. These people are just like ‘the wolf in a sheep’s clothing’.
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    Emotional blackmailing is also a form of manipulation where it seems to be harmless on the surface but is actually a coating to cover ulterior motives.
  • Sabotaging: Narcissists are people who only wish for their success. Thus, any time they see that you are excelling, they will try their best to pull you down and sabotage your opportunities. They are always ready to exploit you but will ensure that they themselves remain the center of attention at all given points of time. In fact, they do not refrain from lying either.

narcissistic abuse recovery

Simple ways for narcissistic abuse recovery:

  • Set boundaries: This is the very first thing to in this list of narcissistic abuse recovery. This means that you need to set boundaries beyond which you will not let others exploit you. Helping others is good and being friends is great but if it is harming you, it is time to let go. Remember, you do not need such toxic people in your life at any given point of time. Remove them from your environment and breath the fresh air.
  • Change of mind: It is obvious that emotionally you feel drained having been in contact with such people. Thus, you need a severe change of mind. You can either go on a vacation or start following a new hobby or passion. Learning activities is a great way to keep yourself engaged.
  • Accept the truth: You need to accept the truth that this can happen to anyone. Once you accept things the way they are, if gets easier for you to overcome them. Instead of running away from it, you need to take important lessons from it.
  • Prioritize yourself: Lastly, remember that no one in your life matter more than you.

Thus, narcissistic abuse recovery can be very simple and you must start right away.