Best Place for Zumba Dance Experience

Zumba dance classes give the individual unhindered access to salsa-style and signature Latin music while working out.
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  The beats play at about 145 per minute and can be reliable for building anaerobic endurance. The music is choreographed with intervals in slow push-ups against the wall, squat sets, plyometric jumps, music, body movement and intensity.  It helps you to work your stomach and hips. The core-based movement works the core muscles and improves your fitness level.  If you do not know how to dance, the zumba dance classes will give you an opportunity to learn thrifty footwork, which can strengthen your ankles and calves. You can even experience zumba dance classes for free in Singapore through the free trial provided by Fitness First.

What is Zumba?

Zumba has fast become a global phenomenon and has been in vogue since it was launched in 2001.  The dance moves originate from South and Latin America, where dance steps like elements of hip-hop, samba, salsa and mambo. The dance class is a mixture of slow and fast routines that can get you grooving to the sweet beat. It can also make you to sweat without you ever realizing that you are working out.
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Everyone is welcome

One of the unique features of Zumba Dance is that it is adaptable to all skill and age levels.  Even if you are a teenager, you can still experience zumba dance class for fitness. Even if you know nothing about dancing or you have never even danced before in your life, you will still find the Zumba Dance to be one of the best things to happen to you.  The Zumba Dance will give you an opportunity to lose weight following a new procedure and trying something new.  The environment is welcoming, while the procedure is supportive and fun.

If you are already losing interest in workout and desire to start the entire process all over again, you can find help with Zumba Dance.  The process can add more fun to the workout process and make it easier to carry out.  If you have never worked out with music playing on the background before, Zumba Dance will give you access to that new experience. You can visit Fitness First to experience zumba dance classes for fitness ion a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Aside from zumba dance, Fitness First equally gives you aces to several other fitness dance style classes, which are highlighted below:

  • SH’BAM
  • BodyJam

You can check the class timetable to know which of the classes is offered at the Fitness First outlet in your locality in Singapore.

You can experience zumba dance classes for fitness at any of the sate-of-the-art fitness clubs operated by Fitness First in Singapore; there is no way you will not find one outlet located conveniently close to your home or office.

What is more, the timetable is designed to fit the specific needs of individual clients, irrespective of how busy such a client is. Are you a retiree, a full-time executive, a working parent or a student? You will always find something that works perfectly for you here at Fitness First Singapore.
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