Common Hair Loss Problem Faced By Asians

Common Hair Loss Problem Faced By Asians

Asians have their unique kind of hair loss problems. People from other parts of the worlds may also experience some of these hair loss problems, but they are more common among people of the Asian world.  In this write-up, you will learn about some of these common hair loss problem faced by asians people

Untamable hair as a baby

Yes, their hairs grow very wild as babies. They stand on end and refuse to come down. Unfortunately, this situation can remain for years on end and may even extend into adulthood; that’s how bad it is.
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  Consequently, they will never respond to any hair treatment product they can ever apply to the hair. Treating baby hair with products that could have worked on other types of hair may be a complete waste of time and effort when used on an Asian person.

Be that as it may, the so-called problem may be turned into a style as they grow older. The hair standing on end may be left like that and styled to make them look great as they are.
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  This problem comes up on both male and female, but it is more common in the male. Combing the hair can even make things worse since such combing will lead to increased hair loss.

common hair loss problem faced by asians

Excessive hairstyling can cause a problem

Styling the hair of an Asian is never easy since it can subject them to hair loss. While African, European or American kind of hair can withstand rigorous styling techniques, same cannot be said about an Asian hair. Excessive application of hair products or use of combs and other styling pieces of equipment can accelerate hair loss in an Asian person. This is the case with both male and female Asian people.

As a result, many Asians prefers to leave their hair unsettled to grow wild, or they apply simple styling to the hair. This problem can occur at any age, so babies’ hairs are rarely styled or treated with strong hair products that can accelerate hair loss. For fear of losing their hairs, most Asians only apply a limited number of hairstyles. In fact, the only acceptable hairstyle to Asians is straight. Any hair tool other than a comb can spell doom for the hair and may lead to baldness.

Ponytail problem

The Asian kind of hair is never long enough to make a ponytail. Even if it is long enough, as is the case with some women, a ponytail may lead to accelerated hair loss. Aside from hair loss, many of the hair strands will refuse to cooperate.


Asian hair may face more hair loss challenge than other types of hair. Be that as it may, the challenges can be forestalled if the individual treat the hair delicately.

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