Facts about an abnormal pap smear


Is abnormal Pap smear during pregnancy common? The moment a woman touches 21 years or within 3 years of becoming sexually active they are advised to have a Pap smear test undertaken.
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It is not a diagnostic tool, but it does pinpoint to any abnormal cells in the cervix. If you are having pap tests on a regular basis, the chances of early detection and prevention of problems is achieved.

Abnormal pap and pregnancy

The meaning

Abnormal pap and pregnancy in consortium with a panic mode is obvious. It does point to the fact that you have infection or abnormal cells in your cervix. Though the point is that if you do have abnormal cells, in no way it could be deemed that you are prone to cancer. What it points out that further round of testing may be needed to figure out whether there really exists any problem or not. Infection or recent history of sexual activity is the prime reasons for an abnormal pap smear. It has to be stated that the main cause of it is the presence of HPV virus.

When the results of the test are termed as positive, it is an abnormal pap smear. It is a diagnosis and in no way it could be said that you are prone to cancer. It indicates that another round of pap smear test may be needed or colposcopy where the help of a microscope you look into the cervix.
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A biopsy is also a common procedure whereby a small portion of the tissue is removed from the cervix. The doctor is then going to discuss the results with you.

10 out of 100 indicate some form of abnormality but there is no need to worry at all. With further testing it could be found out whether you have inflammation or infection. As already mentioned HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer, but many women who have received treatment for HPV, do not have cervical cancer. The FDA in the year 2003 went on to approve a test that could be done along with a Pap smear test. This form of screening is recommended for women who are above the age of 30 years where the chances of HIV infections turning into pre-cancerous cells is all the more.
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It could also be possible that the samples could turn out to be unsatisfactory because of the use of vaginal douches or a recent history of sexual activity.

Following the treatment, check-ups are part of the routine procedure to ensure that all the abnormal cells are gone and the cervix is normal. The key is early detection, so the chances of occurrence are restricted. Once the treatment is over, women will be advised on the frequency when they need to get the Pap smear done again.

When you are pregnant and you become prone to abnormal Pap smear it is normal. If it is due the doctor is likely to perform them, though a tinge of more bleeding is witnessed.

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