Reasons for babies turn down their head down position when they are pregnant

for head down baby positions

Once you touch upon 32 weeks of pregnancy, the head of the baby faces towards the birth canal. Till this point of time it was indeed easy for the baby to turn their position from head up to head down. This goes by the name of cephalic presentation as there was a lot of space in the uterus. There are some babies who are going to turn down their position and this could be even a few minutes before the delivery.
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This movement that takes place from the uterus to the cephalic presentation is referred to as lightening. Now the question is why head down position baby during pregnancy seems to be important.

The main reason for head down baby positions appears important is once the baby turns down their position the head of the baby would come out first. Let us now go through the various types of cephalic presentation

Vertex presentation

This is more common in case of the singletons. The face tilts towards the spine whereas the baby would be towards the tummy. You could say that this proves to be an ideal position for birth as the head of the baby is lined in such a manner so that it passes through the pelvis in an easy manner. In certain cases the head of the baby would be turned towards the side. This would not go on to be a major issue.

for head down baby positions

Face presentation

If the head of the baby extends, then the face does become the leading part. This does account for less than 1% of presentations at birth and this position does appear common more in case of premature babies. The major point of this presentation would be that the duration of the labour stands intact.

How you can ensure that the baby gets down in the head down position?

By week 36, if the baby does not reach to the cephalic position, a few steps could be taken at your end so that they go on to change position. Do discuss with your health care professional on how to go about things

  • Make it a point that you sit into a helpful sitting position. Once the pelvis moves forward, the knees would be never higher than the hips.
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    This does prove to be an optimal fetal positioning and helps the baby to reach out in case of head down position with minimum problem.
  • Do make it a point that you are in a comfortable position and then scrub the floor. In case if you happen to be all on fours it does become easy for the baby to change position in front of the belly
  • When you sitting in a car using a cushion always. The reason being that the knees would be coming under the hips
  • When you are in front of the computer or watching TV use a birthing ball. This is also known as the exercise ball
  • When you are sleeping there is no need to worry if the baby does not get into an appropriate position.

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