What do urologists treat

Urologists are angels in disguise. Most of us must have faced the problems attached to a terrible bout of UTI and we know how painful it is. During these tough times, urologists have come to our rescue.

Urology is that branch of medicine that treats the diseases of the urinary tract system of both male-female and helps with medical and surgical procedures for the male reproductive organs.

What can urologists cure?

  1. Urinary Tract Infection: The top urologist in india says that the maximum number of cases that come to them are women infected with a severe bout of UTI. UTI occurs when bacteria present in the urethra goes up to the unitary tract and multiplies greatly in number. This causes frequent and burning urnination in small bouts, a sense of feeling like you want to go urinate even when you don’t want to, chills and a general feeling of uneasiness. It usually affects women.
  2. Incontinence: When it comes to urinary incontinence, it again usually affects women. It’s affects the urinary system and women tend to lose control of their bladders. This leads to involuntary urination when you sneeze, laugh too hard or cough. It can be common in pregnant women as well because pregnancy leads to weak pevlic muscles. However  incontinence can come under control with proper diet and excercise, especially Kegel excercises.
  3. Kidney diseases: Once the kidneys stop working effectively, it can become very fatal. However even a light damage to the kidneys can manifest itself in a number of symptoms like high blood pressure and swelling of body parts like ankles and knees. When a kidney disease gets out of hand, it leads to it’s complete failure and has to be supported with the help of dialysis
  4. Renal transplantation: Renal transplantation in simple words is the transplantation of the kidney following a kidney failure.
  5. Urologic oncology: Oncology is that branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of tumors and urologic oncology deals with treatment of cancer in the male genitalia such as prostate cancer.
  6. Erectile dysfunction: It is also known as impotence and occurs when a man cannot keep his penis erect during sexual intercourse. This is curable unless it has been ignored for years. Erectile dysfunction is also correlated to harming the self-esteem of the man and can lead to severe psychological conditions such as depression.
  7. Bladder prolapse: This happens when the muscles and tissues of your body, especially the pelvic area weaken to the extent that they can’t support your organs anymore. The organs drop down from their usual position. To help with this, a urologist is needed.
  8. Paediatric urology: This is that branch of urologoly that deals with helping children overcome problems in their bladder ranging from mild to serve.
  9. Kidney stones: They can be painful to the extent of causing discomfort while peeing along with causing pain in the back, below the ribs and the stomach along with the groin. It causes pain while you urinate.

Now the next time you go to a urologist, you know what they are capable of curing.