Designing a Cozy Bedroom – Warm Up with Rich Jewel Tones

No one likes to be cold. Maybe you’ve just come inside after a day in freezing cold temperatures. Or, you might have set the AC too low.
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Even if the temperature is just right for you, having a feeling of warmth in your home makes it cozier and more comforting. One way to create a warmer look is to choose home décor elements in rich, deep jewel tones. 

Color Scheme

The color matching in this theme is less important than that all are jewel colors. If you’re unsure of what a jewel color is, pick up a catalog for a jewelry company and look at the colors of the gems. Some of the most popular jewel tones are:

  • Emerald green.
  • Sapphire blue.
  • Amethyst purple.
  • Ruby red.
  • Turquoise.
  • Amber yellow.
  • Onyx or obsidian.
  • Any color that uses the word “royal.”

Once you have your colors, you need to decide how to use them. Try a color-blocking approach, where you use large areas of solid jewel-tone colors, mixed and matched as you like. Choose contrasting or complementary jewel tones. Finally, remember that black and white work well alongside jewel colors. Paint your room in one or more jewel tones to get the ball rolling.

Bedroom Set

You need a bedroom set that will go along with the jewel tone theme. Select dark, rich woods for a deeper, warmer feel.
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A tufted upholstered headboard also works well with royal jewel colors. 1StopBedrooms has a variety of beds with upholstered headboards. Black or pearl colors provide a neutral element.

You can buy your bed, nightstands, and chests a piece at a time if necessary. But, if you choose a company with a comfortable payment plan, there’s no need to wait. In that case, you can put everything together to see how it works before you go to the next step.


The bedding plays an important role in a jewel-toned bedroom. This is where you can take advantage of blocks of color to really warm up your bedroom design.
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Here are some tips for choosing bedding for this style:

    • Choose a coverlet, bedspread, comforter, or quilt that is one solid jewel color, preferably a darker, deeper shade.
• Add pillows in another jewel tone.
• Shiny fabrics like satin, brocade, metallic, or shimmering organza add visual appeal.
• Deep jewel-tone velvets give a warmer appearance as well as physical warmth.


With all the solid colors on the walls, in the furniture, and throughout the bedding, you have plenty of room to play with your accessories. Here are some ideas for adding jewel-toned accessories:

  • Consider a multi-hued tapestry as a wall hanging or a rug.
  • Get artwork with intricate designs in colors that include both rich, deep colors and lighter notes like ivory.
  • Add a gilded mirror or brass shelving.
  • Use tinted glass objects in darker shades.

The beauty of a jewel-toned bedroom is not only the look of warmth but also the emotional feeling of being soothed, comforted, and pampered. With the right colors, furniture, and accessories, you can create a home setting that’s the opposite of the harsh, hurried, and yes, cold environment of the outside world. In short, you can envelop yourself in luxury in a beautiful, warm, jewel color bedroom.