Get hired by the expert law office

To practice as a lawyer, you only need to obtain a law degree, get registered, register Social Security and hire the services of a mutual in the sector. In many countries,t is mandatory to take practical training courses at the end of the career to be able to work as a liberal professional.

Get experience

It is easy because almost all law firms are open to incorporate students or recent graduates in internships. The tasks that usually entrust them are the administrative follow-up of files, prepare drafts of documents to the Administration and seek jurisprudence.

The problem is that almost no law firm welcomes university students on a paid basis and to get the experience they are recommended for two to five years working for another.
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 Few can afford to spend so much time without charging so either leave it or continue studying to oppose the Administration of Justice.  You can take benefits of Law Offices of Adam S Kutner Career and Employment Opportunities.

another option is to combine the career with the training offered by professional associations through their Legal Practice Schools. They are a bridge between the university and the day to day of the profession. Students participate in simulations; can accompany lawyers when they go to trials, etc.

Where to open the office

The firm must be well located. As in other liberal professions, that is of little importance, in the case of lawyers, the office denotes prestige and credibility. In large cities, there are usually more job opportunities, but in smaller populations, there is less competition.
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To share the expenses it is opportune to share it with other lawyers: one, two three in some law firms there are up to eight. The important thing is to raise enough money to pay the rent because it will surely be very high.

To this, we must add various expenses: furniture, computer equipment, office material and especially documentation. It is expensive, but it can be obtained at a good price by buying the library of a lawyer who withdraws, entering websites that offer it for free or consulting it on CD-Rom, DVD and electronic publications.

How to make clients

The first can arrive by the shift of trade and through the mouth-ear. It will not be easy because the profession is very saturated and the family tradition plays a decisive role. If you have a close relative or a good contact in the sector you will have it much easier than the rest of recent graduates.

But not all are difficulties. Some went down in history, for example, to prohibit lawyers from announcing their services in the media. Today they can do it to get clients as long as they respect the principles of dignity, ethics, timeliness and truthfulness.
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As for the fees, those established by the professional associations can be a good reference. It is not a good idea to work with very low prices: in other activities, it is a valid strategy, in the case of lawyers, the client thinks that the most expensive lawyers are better, although the reality is not that.