Odyssey TM-60 Home Theater Projector Review

When you are out for a premier home theater projector that won’t disappoint, TM-60 home theater from Odyssey should be at the top of your list. This fantastic home theater includes an incredible 4k resolution, HDR color palate, 4500-lumen brightness, and vivid clear picture quality. It’s one of the best odyssey home theaters in the ODYSSEY VX-9 series which is a must-have.

What Is TM-60 Projector

Odyssey cinema VT 20 are a 4K compatible smart projector that properly scrutinizes each image to deliver the finest balance between color contrast and accuracy.  It is easy to set up the projector that has high agility and can be easily toted between locations. It includes well-backlit remote which allows for easy adjustment in darkened oms.

What Can TM-60 Be Used For

The mere fact they have a 4K resolution means that they reveal optimal details and home theater immersive projection. They deliver sharp-imagery and quality audio to give you the best view experience. Being high in advanced projector features ensure they will reveal finer details when used for educational and business purposes to project engineering renderings, artwork, and much more.

Key Features and Benefits Of TM-60

  • It has an incredibly high contrast ratio of 40,000 to 1 and 4500 lumens of brightness. The high contrast ratio combined with the high brightness lumens it can capture and project almost everything with magnificent clarity.
  • It has HDMI ports, serial inputs, VGA, and S video capabilities. These great features make the unit connectable with old computer models and sleep modern streaming devices to project with advanced clarity. The additional USB ports provide juice for cell phones and players.
  • It is a smart projector that is 4K compatible. The fantastic HDR color and 4K resolution embodied in this unit make it able to take your favorite TV shows and favorite films and project them in 200-plus-inch glory to make your viewing experience more outstanding.
  • It includes multiple out the box color modes. It is known to include major 4K compatible color modes such as the hyper-accurate cinema mode, bright modes, and the game mode which ensures you can project to different color modes based on what you are viewing.
  • It includes a long-lasting state LED lamp. The 20,000 hours LED lamp life means that this project will last for many years with daily use.
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    It will serve you long enough for you to recover your initial investment before you need to replace the bulb. Moreover, since the industry keeps growing, you can be sure that by the time the LED lamp will require replacement, you will be financially ready to invest in more advanced and futuristic unit.


The TM-60 projection unit from Odyssey includes quite more than the average home theater projector. It has enough features and quality design which make it the ideal projector for modern-day homes. You can never enjoy a more mindboggling video and TV show watching experience than when you have the TM-60 home theater projection unit from Odyssey. Get it today and start enjoying your favorite TV shows and films in style.
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