Top Wireless Headphones to Purchase In 2018

Top Wireless Headphones to Purchase In 2018

Wireless headphones are definitely a sensation that has taken over the world of audio technology. They are a rapidly growing part of the headphone business, and major corporate stores are starting to market them really heavily. This article will list out the top 3 JBL wireless headphones you can buy in 2018.

These headphones have improved in quality ever since they were first introduced. The first models were big headphones that were over-the-ear, and now we are presented with ear buds. Prices have reduced as well, which means, that the products now are easily suitable for everyone. Since the latest version of Bluetooth consumes very less battery power, this means that you will not be using your phone’s battery life that much and killing your phone. Companies are also beginning to make wireless signal stronger.

top 3 JBL wireless headphones you can buy in 2018

The best element about wireless headphones is that not only are they wonderful, but very convenient. You can put your phone in your bag and forget about it while the music calmly plays on. You can listen to music while brushing your teeth, working out, and avoid an inconvenience of the cord getting tangled with a stranger’s bag. Some headphones can connect to multiple devices at once, so you don’t have to keep on unplugging your device every time you stand up. These improvements may not seem much but they add up to something really huge, tech is supposed to feel invisible and natural; wireless headphones do just that.

For an avid audiophile, the JBL sound is instantly familiar. JBL products are used for their distinctive and clear sound, from concert halls to movie theatres they are used everywhere, some of the top 3 JBL wireless headphones you can buy in 2018 are reviewed below:

Best Overall: JBL E45BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones

These headphones provide great sound without sacrificing a full range of motion. The battery takes up to two hours of charge and will provide you with 16 hours’ worth of playtime. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much music can motivate you to get work done, especially with no wires holding you back.
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Along with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, you can sit, run, walk and dance while your favorite song plays on.
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The modern design and soft cushioning that cover the ears mean utmost comfort while you enjoy high-quality sound.
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Best over ear: JBL J88i Premium Over-EAR Headphones

If you work in an open office or commute via public transport, then these headphones are perfect for you. In situations where you have to be involved in crowded spaces for a long time, devices like these are preferred. These headphones provide a great listening experience, which includes good clarity and powerful bass. But they also have a DJ- inspired pivot instrument that allows you to rotate the ear cup to 180 degrees, so that, you can still be in tune with the outside world.

Best for work outs: JBL 110 wireless In-Ear Headphones

This product is another amazing choice from the Everest line; the 110 in-ear wireless headphones provide clear, bright sound and hands-free calls along with crystal clear sound. Don’t be fooled by its compact size. The batteries can last up to eight hours and that too with just two hours of charging. The built-in microphone has an echo cancelation, so there will be no annoying playback while on call. The earbuds have a customized fit and settle in your ears with comfortable ease.

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