Five-a-side Soccer

There are several variations on the traditional eleven player soccer game that most people know, follow and support. Possibly the most well-known and widely played is Five-a-side soccer, which is a fast and challenging variation of association soccer, where each team fields only five players.

There are four outfield team players and one goal keeper, the other big differences are that the pitch is smaller as well as the goals and the overall time played is less.  The penalty area is a significantly different shape, being semi-circular and only the goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball within that area. When the keeper is passing the ball out to his team mates he has to do so by hand and they can only use their feet when saving a goal.  Each game is usually played indoors though can be held outside on Astro turf or artificial grass pitches that are usually enclosed to stop the ball from strayingtoo far away from the playing area.

Five-a-side soccer is usually much more informal than the traditional eleven player’s game and therefore the rules are quite flexible and sometimes are only decided on just before the match begins. There is no offside rule, and the referee will decide on any hand ball decisions as well as giving a player a yellow cardand sending them to the “Sin Bin” if they commit a foul.They can also get a red card and that works the same way as in an eleven-a-side game and the player can still get sent off the field.
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  If you are looking for help on understanding the rules or just want to get more insight into tactics and techniques there are lots of online sites that can help with this.
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In the United Kingdom there are many different five-a-side soccer teams and most games are played at local venues so that anybody who wants to can go along and join in. The game is open to all ages and abilities so as long as you’re fit enough to play there is no reason you can’t participate. There are a few tips to take into consideration when you’ve made the decision to join a team. Organise your fellow team mates and have a good attacking and defending strategy. Having a good goal keeper who can work well with the defenders is essential and making sure the team attacks and defends as a unit is key. Try to get as fit as you can as the game is fast and furious!
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Once your team has worked its way up through the local leagues they can eventually go on to play all over the World. The F5WC is the largest amateur tournament for five-a-side players and over forty eight nations take part. This would be the pinnacle of any five-a-side soccer team’s achievements.

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