Creating your new ideas to beautify inside and outside of your house, is such a wonderful thing to do. It is not all about the well-organized things but it makes us an effort to do something to relaxed especially in our sights. It feels comfortable with it. And it makes your house more beautiful and meaningful together with your loved ones – your family.

Inventing ideas to beautify some parts of your house is an art, too. It is also expressing your mental abilities on what you can do to that particular thing – that will meet your gratification.

Living room. This is the main entrance where your visitors will be entertained. And the most lived in your house. This is the room for relaxing and socializing.

Arranging your furniture especially sofas, find some angles that could fit much better – it is much better if you place it your sofas near at the windows so it could easily to see the beauty of the clouds.
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And feel comfortable when you’re sitting across from the person or someone with you-you’re talking to. With the help of the center table in it with flowers in a  vase, it gives so many attractions in our eyes.

Dining room. This is the room for consuming foods where your family eats together. Well, it is not about eating together but having some quality time talking with your parents.

Everybody has a desire to make their kitchen more sightly especially this is where you cook and eat together. It is usually a long rectangular shape of the table with eight (8)  lovely chairs. This is a perfect match for a big family. On a table, you can put some mantle that will match according to the color of your beautifully vanished table or even the walls. Adding a big vase with flowers in some edge in your kitchen area – makes even more good looking in the room.

Bathroom. This is the most important in the house, I think. This is a room where it is not only for the personal hygiene activities – with sink and toilet and even a shower but it speaks more about your personalities without saying any words.

The cleaner, the better. Adding some plants – it is not adding some beautiful pops of color but it freshens stale air –  for humidity and warmth. You can also customize by putting a bathroom floor or what we called floor mats (or fake tiles floor mats)  for the flooring in the bathroom. It is important to choose some styles and colors that fitted to the color of the wall.

Bedroom. This is a room of a house where people sleep – that contains beds, some furniture,  and closets.

It is you and your decision on personalizing your bedroom. It is much better of how and where you comfortable with it.
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