3 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

The key to making any small business successful is effective marketing. While it’s important to advertise your small business, you cannot ignore the marketing part as well.
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Without properly marketing your small business, it will be difficult for you to get more targeted exposure.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really have to go overboard with your marketing expenses, nor be some kind of Elon Musk style management maverick. There are many low-cost marketing ideas that you can use to get long term exposure to your small business. Let’s discuss a few of these in the article below…


Gone are the days when you could ignore the Internet when it comes to promoting or marketing your small business. Today you need to be a step ahead of the competition by making sure you’re using the right tools to communicate and build a relationship with your target audience.

A blog is such a tool that lets you connect to your customers and prospects. Starting a blog will not only help you with the relationship building, but when you publish quality blog content on a regular basis, you’ll also be able to build your brand. If your company doesn’t have a blog, then it’s leaving a lot business on the table.


A small business grows with time, but how far it goes and how strongly it grows depends on the number of contacts you have in your industry. In other words, the more contacts you have, the easier it will be for you to strike new deals, create partnerships and take your business to a whole new level.

When you begin networking heavily within your niche, you’ll come across other players in the market. These could be your direct or indirect competitors, who at the same time can enhance your small business by sharing ideas, resources and mutual investments. But remember, networking isn’t just about getting to know people – it’s about getting to know the right people.


The fact remains that people like free stuff. They always love getting any free merchandise for any reason. This is exactly why promotional gifts work so well. For example, you can start by giving out small promotional gifts with invoices and quotes. There’s not one but many ways you can give out promotional gifts to your customers and prospects.

Now when it comes to promotional gifts you need to think long term. Because when executed right, this marketing method works by building your brand overtime, and giving you the needed edge over the competition. Also, the promotional gifts that you choose to distribute have to be a good quality to make an impression, so make sure you use a company that doesn’t compromise on quality and design.

Every single step that you take towards making your small business more known will go a long way. The marketing tips that we discussed above won’t cost you much but they will give you a better return on investment when you focus on them. The idea here is not only to create a small business that gives returns, but one that consistently performs and grows/progresses with time.

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