5 Things to Consider When Looking for an Affordable Storage Facility

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Every one of us needs a safe place where we can place our prized possessions, this could either consist of a treasure chest, antique furniture, baseball card collection or maybe even an antique or luxurious car. Therefore, you would need to look for a storage facility that you trust before renting their storage areas.

So, how can you choose an affordable storage facility that has a great service, where they could take good care of your stuff as they claim they would? Below is a guide that you can follow in order to choose the right storage facility.

  1. Great Customer Service

The first you interact with a storage facility, whether it’s by phone, email, or in-person, you’ll have to observe and find out how the customer service treats their customers. A good storage manager should always greet their customers in a friendly way, as well as with their staff and other co-workers. They should also willingly answer all your questions efficiently and thoroughly for your convenience.

  1. Affordability

Check how much they offer their services and if the price is compatible with the size of the storage area. Choosing a nice affordable storage space could be great if you need a large, but affordable space to store your prized possessions. This could also help you big time if you are struggling a bit on your budget. You could also look for Top affordable storage with premium service for your convenience.

  1. Free from Pest and Other Critters

Now, this is an important feature when it comes to storage facilities. The facility should always be free from pests like rats, cockroaches, and other critters that could damage or ruin your stored items. A good storage facility should have a contract with a pest control professional, who is regularly visiting the facility for regular maintenance.
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Self Storage Promotions

  1. Level of Security

This is another important feature that the facility should have. Since nobody wants to get their stuff stolen, you should make sure that the facility you are having contract with has a good security, such as having CCTV cameras around the place, security guard who regularly patrols the area, and enough light during the night, so that the robbers could immediately be seen before they could even steal an item.

  1. Cleanliness of the Facility

Since you cannot inspect the cleanliness of some storage rooms, you’ll just have to inspect the cleanliness of the facility’s office. The state of the storage facility’s office could give you a clue of the place’s overall cleanliness. Their office should have a clean floor, a well-groomed and neatly dressed manager, dusted furniture, and spotless bathrooms. Having a clean office will show how the facility is well-maintained. So, keep this is in mind the next time you are visiting a storage facility.


Since not all storage facilities have the same sizes of storage areas, your choice of service would solely depend on your own storage needs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a large storage facility that is affordable, then you’ll have to look for a service that offers a large storage area. This would also mean that you have to do your research thoroughly.

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