All You Need To Know About IP Cameras For Your Business Security System

Securing your business with strategically placed IP cameras can help mitigate any potential risks to the commercial assets within your office premises. It can help protect against outside invasions as well as any threats or petty thefts occurring within the property. The information collected with the surveillance cameras can also help claim any insurance if there are any break-ins or damages incurred due to invasion by intruders. However, it is important to invest in the right kind of security cameras to make sure your strategy is foolproof right from the onset. Here are a few key information about best IP cameras for your business security.

What are IP cameras?

IP camera stands for Internet Protocol camera. The advantage of an IP camera over an analog CCTV camera is that the IP camera uses the business’s internet service to send and collect the data.

While IP wifi cameras are widely available, they might not always give the best clarity videos for your purposes. Instead, focus on the following features and essential specifications to select the IP cameras that will best suit your unique business needs.

Types of IP cameras based on the position

Depending on where you would like to position your IP camera, they have 3 distinct classifications

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Outdoor

Indoor IP cameras do not have to be so sensitive to exterior lighting since the camera has only to adjust to indoor regulated lights. The cameras are more affordable as compared to exterior cameras. You can also get away with a lower resolution focus for the cameras compared to the quality you will need for outdoor coverage.
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Video and range feature-rich devices

Look for IP cams that give a wide zooming option to better focus on the details of the area that you are covering. This makes for finding clues more easily during a break -in or another mishap. Look for a high-quality lens for the cameras, at least 3 megapixel is a good starting range for the cameras if you are buying them for building surveillance.
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The audio quality of the IP camera

The audio quality of the cameras, especially the outdoor cameras are equally important. Look for a 2-way audio option for areas that need surveillance as well as easy communication for emergency announcements. The device should be able to register the audio data on smartphones and tablets.
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You can also look for devices that can connect to the Amazon Alexa devices. The 2- way option, in this case, will help regulate audio commands to the Alexa devices, thus regulating a seamless security operation over your camera and Alexa put together.

Saving the data

Always check for the features that help you record the data collected from the IP cameras. Especially, for commercial properties, the collected data can be sensitive and needed to be closely reviewed at times. Recording of data can be set up to be saved on micro SD cards or direct cloud backup for infinite and affordable information collection.

Apart from the above features, you can also look for added specifications for your IP cameras, such as Motion detection, or a wide-angle zoom to help focus on a wider cover range within the property. The cameras that are installed for outdoor security, should most definitely have the night vision feature to constantly be on guard for information collection of the day.

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