BYFX Global—the Trusted Investment Partner For Most Successful OTC Bullion Traders

Successful OTC Bullion Traders

SBI Group is the world’s largest and most branched online financial Corporation. It’s known for offering Bullion Trading and OTC Spot services. The firm has more than 23.9 million customers around the globe and 230 established and known firms globally.  Over the years, SBI has witnessed great success in asset management, biotechnology-relayed and financial services fields. One of their most popular branches is BYFX Global. The reasons most world traders consider using BYFX Global to trade OTC bullion online are obvious.

Offers Safe and Fast Deposit Solutions

Depositing trading capital to online currency platforms for trading OTC bullion online doesn’t have to be a technical and risky endeavor. But then, some shitty platforms make the process super technical and risky. With platforms like BYFX Global, you have the assurance of enjoying a convenient and safe money depositing experience.  We offer you a variety of fast payment providers ranging from Union Pay, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit, Debit Card, and lots more.

Solid Liquidity

If you decide to trade OTC bullion online with us, you will enjoy unequaled liquidity. We have partnered with more than 30 world-class banks and well-known brokers. This partnership enables us to provide versatile trading conditions and competitive spreads. With us, you can deposit as low as 100 dollars and with as low as 0.01 lot.

Successful OTC Bullion Traders

World-Class Trading Platform

Trading OTC bullion online with the BYFX Global platform is a sure way to success. Our platform is ranked top among the most efficient, simple, and reliable platforms. It runs on the state-of-the-art MT4 platform and can be easily accessed via tablets, PC or even mobile devices. It has one of the simplest and most convenient user interfaces.  Offering more than 50 analytical tools and tons of flexible charts, the platform gives you the freedom you need to enjoy the best trading experience. Not only that, the software has convenient and stable order execution features ensuring that you can make your orders super-fast and easily.

Unequaled Customer Service

One of the things online OTC bullion traders cannot live without is suggestions and assistance from the software developers.  Even if you have many years of experience trading OTC bullion, you will quite often need assistance from experts especially when the software crashes or stops functioning.  One of the areas BYFX Global has proven to perform best is in offering unequaled customer support and care. With us, you will get one-on-one customer support, timely, and quality assistance through the live chat whenever the need arises.
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  Additionally, we have a well-designed help center that offers tons of comprehensive guides.


After you have made the decision to trade OTC bullion online, it’s your job to choose the right current trade platform. There are multiple online trading platforms all of which function differently.  You wouldn’t want to settle for less and that’s the reason you should look out for well-known and established systems like the BYFX Global. As outlined above, it is an all-inclusive platform that provides you with the best trading experience.  You can visit to register an account and start trading now.

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