Connector Market Trends, Market Outlook, and Total Size

In the connectors market globally, the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) connector, the rectangular I/O connector, circular connector, and fiber optic connector are most highly demanded and manufactured. Other than them, Integrated Circuits (IC) and end-user customized connectors which are widely used in the automobile and space technology industry are also gradually becoming popular. Electrical connectors are extensively used in industries such as telecom/datacom, computer and peripherals, transportation, and consumer industries among others. Regions with a large industrial base of connectors such as North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe are encouraging business for indigenous connector manufactures which cater to the domestic demand for connectors at low prices.
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An Overview Of The Global Connector Market

Connectors market is predicted to experience high growth with the rise in technology-driven industries across the globe. The Internet of Things (IoT) applications in automobiles, aerospace equipment, governmental regulatory authorities, and the entertainment industry are employing a variety of connectors in their daily operations. Few of the major growth drivers of the connectors industry is the rise in the computer and communications applications, sensors and gadgets becoming more compact and portable, and the demand for electronic devices which provide neater hardware designs and more complex operations. The growing demand for products which facilitate end-user convenience, better connectivity, and visually more appealing design is boosting research and development in the global connectors industry.

Emerging Trends Which Are Predicted To Dictate The Connectors Industry

Emerging connector market trends such as an increase in the demand for more compact connectors, for high-speed connectors, for connectors which do not burn out even on high-power supply, and for connectors which require minimum repair is directly impacting the dynamics of the connectors market in developed and developing countries. According to type, connectors market can be classified into RF (Radio Frequency) Coax, Circular Connectors, Application Specific Connectors, PCB (Printed circuit board) Connectors, and Integrated Circuit sockets out of many. However, according to the end-user industry, the connectors market can be segmented into consumer electronics, automotive and transportation, industrial usage, computer and peripherals, and others. In the connectors market, experts predict that the automotive industry has and will continue to have a major share of tradings and contractual businesses.
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The highest growth among all end-user industries of connectors has been recorded by the automotive industry. Sophistication in the automotive industry is foreseen to be a major driving force for connectors across the globe. Regions of Asia Pacific are expected to continue being the largest market for connectors. APAC countries will experience the highest growth supported by the development of more technical automotive production, increasing industrial automation, growth in demand for home appliances, and growing demand for tablets and smartphones. Additionally, increasing awareness pertaining to air pollution levels and e-waste has encouraged countries such as Japan, India, China, and many more to develop connectors which aid in the designing of appliances that have a low carbon footprint.

A rise in the demand for innovative connectors with an improved design which caters to quality and reliability standards is expanding the demand for connectors across the world. Growing demand for multi-functional and versatile connectors is encouraging innovative choices in developing and packaging material of electrical connectors. Additionally, rising consumerization and industrialization is directly expanding the connectors industry globally.

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