How to Switch Business Water Suppliers

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers

If you are not anymore satisfied with the given service from your present water supplier, and if you’ve been continuously overcharged and would like to increase the cost of your savings. Then it’s time to look for a new company. Find out more about switching your water supplier here.


You will have to start auditing and calculating all your existing water charges and consumption. Check your invoice and make sure the data you have gathered from your sites, volumes, and meters, are all in accurate detail. Organize and remove the ones that are not necessary to make your files look clean and easy to shift through. In beginning the process of switching to another water supplier, you will have to prepare copies of your water bills in the past 12 months, along with information such as the type of water you are using, its location, and an authorization letter.

Find out more about switching your water supplier here

Cleanse Your Accounts

Make sure you have rectified all the documents that are underpaid, overpaid or those that lack particular information. This is essential while collating data to make sure that you will have a smooth process when transferring and that you have resolved issues that went unnoticed. You will gain benefits when you have validated your bills. This includes the possibility of claiming past overcharges, ongoing decrease costs, and the eligibility for windfall rebates.

Don’t Delay

You might think that there are better opportunities to come if you wait a little while longer, but it is much beneficial if you seek promising water suppliers as soon as possible. You will have an increase in savings cost, the possibility of dealing with a less complex system, and other additional features and bonuses that the company might include. Also, it takes time to explore the market since you will have to see which are qualified and are best suited for you.

Stay Vigilant

You will have to keep a look out on companies with rogue and unprofessional brokers. You can spot one through these warning signs.

  • They are usually inexperienced and are only starting in the water market.
  • Persuasiveness is also one of their skills. They will try to induce you into high savings cost and other impressive offers without telling you the necessary information.
  • Be suspicious of those that offer varying price contracts – since water does not suddenly fluctuate. Unlike electricity, the process is usually more straightforward with contracts at a fixed price.

Carry out intensive research before choosing which company is best for you to avoid arrangements of poor deals.

Don’t Overlook Water Efficiency

Inefficient water management and not knowing about leaks can lead you to hefty charges in bills. Various retailers are using this to gain advantage from competitors by offering services – such as free plumbing – that fix these kinds of issues. You can install AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) technology for water consumption monitoring, pressure controls for water flow regulation, or gather rainwater as an option for reuse.
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These are helpful tips that are less costly and will significantly help you save water.

Exploring the market can challenging, especially with several retail companies on the rise. Choosing the which supplier has the best services with better deals will become confusing. That is why it is also recommended to ask advice from consultant that have experience with the industry.

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