The Best way to Become an Investment Banker

investment banking

Ever wondered why investment banking offer big paychecks? The entry level job itself offer you a big fat six figure salary. Who wouldn’t want to become an investment banker, right? Professionals of the senior level make millions of dollars in a year.

An investment banker’s life is considered to have long working hours, immense hard work, and extended weekends and very little amount of sleep. Are these facts true? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that candidates in investment banking are slogging day and night to live that kind of a lifestyle.

investment banking

An investment banking professional probably have a lot of job opportunities and high earning potential. Being an investment banker requires to take up responsibility including wide range of duties. Typically, for an investment banker the daily task will vary daily, one does not perform the same task every day. No doubt an investment banking career is dazzling. But behind the dazzling stars lies a lot of hard work and efforts. However, it is not as hectic as people talk about it to be. Investment banker can come from different fields and backgrounds, but it is necessary to have a strong hold of mathematics.

But will it be an easy road as an investment banking professional? Getting to the top requires a certain level of education, lots of effort, hard work and experience and at times a little bit of luck works just fine.
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Here’s what you could do today:

  • Earn degree – a colleges degree in the field of finance and mathematics is an ideal way to start off a career in investment banking. Apart from this, having knowledge in accounting and business are a good way to hitch an entry level job. Most of the investment banking firm look for graduates from top tier colleges. In the U.S., most of the investment banking jobs are taken by candidates from Ivy leagues schools. In the U.K.,the London School of Economics is the first priority followed by University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Warwick, and University of Oxford. Will candidates from a non-Ivy league can obtain an opportunity in the investment banking firm. Yes, although graduating from top organizations will be preferred. But when it comes to getting the latest skills and self-upgrade, you will be in a good position to bag that job.
  • Head for an advanced degree – Although one can earn a job irrespective of bachelor’s degree, having an advanced degree will accelerate the chances of hiring. Having a master’s degree in business administration or mathematics will add up while looking for jobs.
  • Certified credentials – Business models keep changing from time to time and industries are interested in hiring professionals with the updated skillset. A certified investment banker will be preferred over an individual without the skills or certification. Being certified gives employers the ability to judge one’s skillset based on the industry’s demand.
  • Take an internship – Internship is an ideal way to stay job ready. Having an internshipsuits you for employment, providing you the opportunity to land a job in the desired field. If you’re lucky, employer might just offer you a job in hand after your internship program.
  • Build a network – Most of the investment bankers spend their time selling. They possess such prowess that they have the capability of finding exorbitant amount of money and convince people to give it to them. Investment banker are the movers and shakers behind mergers and acquisitions of Fortune 500 companies.

Starting a career in investment banking is an ideal way to start off as a fresher graduate looking to develop skills in business knowledge and earn big paychecks. No doubt investment banking is a career with lots of job opportunities, but one must accept the fact that it’s not going to be an easy road.

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