Which Flexible Packaging is Right for Your Product?

snack food packaging

When you think of choosing the right packaging for your product, you cannot make a mistake by not paying attention to the minute details. After all, packaging plays a vital role in making your product a hit. The right flexible packaging doesn’t just attract customers, but keep your item secure during transit. It reinforces the quality of your brand as customers know that they will get a fresh item from you.

snack food packaging

So, in short it also means that any wrong packaging may be detrimental. A good design with best branding are the major ingredients for product packaging. Functionality is also important. Here are some tips to help you select the right package to keep your product different from your competitors on the shelf.

The very first thing to focus when going for flexible packaging is the type of product you have. For instance, if you have frozen food as your major supply, then type of film layer should be your major priority. With the right frozen food bag, your product will be fresh and delicious for a long time and look awesome too. Make sure you pay attention to the design and colour of your product packaging too.
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Be ahead of your competitors by paying attention to bold and crisp graphics.

On the other hand, if you are up for snack food packaging, then you should focus on combined layering in packaging. Barrier films don’t add much production so the idea is to laminate the film and produce a supercharged packaging design which doesn’t get easily torn or ripped. It leads to lower loss of products. The clear film window is glued to the bag to protect the food product. You should opt for seamless food packaging with top quality printing to make your product look amazing on the store shelf.

Other things to focus on while determining the right packaging for your product according to ePacflexible packaging are mentioned below:

Budget: Know your budget before beginning with packaging endeavour. Know the type of material you want to use and how much will it cost. Right from glass to natural fibers and film laminations, you have a number of options. Other budget friendly packaging options include food-grade cardboard and recyclable plastic. It is important to find the right balance of what you want to spend and how much will it cost as it largely impacts your project success.
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Transportation: After the package design has been decided, you should consider function. Irrespective of how amazing the package is, if doesn’t give you the right service, then it is of no use. If your product is delicate or bulky, then you should consider the material drafted for strength. Products with long shelf life should be designed with superior print finish like UV gloss or liquid coating.

Package size: If your product comes in four sizes, you can reduce cost by designing two types of packages rather than selecting four different sizes. Be creative and use cost saving measures to enhance the integrity of your product.

Flexible packaging has a big role in your product’s success so make sure you choose it wisely.