Working In Oil Sector in 2019: Is It Worth It?

People are mostly choosing their career based on the lucrative opportunity and prospect that includes working hours, schedule, flexibility,and salary. Working in various sectors of the oil and gas industry is also convenient and one of the most popular places to work.

However, the concerns are rising, because oil is depleting and creating shortages all across the world. Most oil rigs feature luxury inside because they work with prominent offshore living quarters manufacturers.

It is important to avoid panicking and to think about working in this particular industry if that is your passion and goal. Let us see what you will get by entering the oil industry:

  1. You Will Have Full Schedule

We have mentioned above that people are afraid that the gas industry is changing and falling due to global shortages while the demand is rapidly increasing because we need it for daily use.

Nowadays, the industry will provide you the ability to get energy,and the expectations are that the production will still increase in the next fifteen years. The idea of the gas and oil industry is to decide to tap into this particular resource,and you will always find a place to work for.

Since oil is sustainable energy, the technology is also advancing,and you will be able to adapt and learn new things.

Even if resource depletes completely years from now, you will have exceptional knowledge that you can transfer into other areas of the industry that are currently developing.

  1. Various Work Surroundings

The first thing that pops our mind when we think about the oil sector is offshore rigs as well as using heavy machinery in the middle of nowhere. For some people, this is an ideal working environment, which will provide you complete opposition to standard, office life.

It is adventurous,and it will require you to be completely flexible but also hardworking. Even though many jobs in the oil sector are based on offices and labs, you will also be able to choose the environment in which you wish to work.
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  1. Flexible Working Hours

Have in mind that this particular idea does not apply for all jobs within gas and oil sector, which means that if you are based in the office, you may deal with standard office hours, from nine to five.

On the other hand, if you are working on an offshore oil rig, you will have to work for extended periods and long hours. Shifts tend to be at least twelve hours,and that will last up to six weeks.

As soon as you deal with the intense course of working, you will get off time for a few weeks,and then you will return. Therefore,inoverall, you will work only half of the year, while getting the payment as if you are working daily and even more.

  1. You Can Earn Plenty Of Money

The oil sector is one of the richest and wealthiest in the world,and if you are an experienced worker, you will be able to exceed $80,000. If you are qualified to start as a gas engineer newcomer, your initial salary will be $40 thousand.

However, you will be able to climb the career ladder in this particular sector and start to earn six digits if you become a drilling consultant with experienced portfolio and expertise.

  1. You Will Learn All The Time

Oil industry requires the latest technology and being up to date when it comes to processes of drilling and other methodologies used to increase overall productivity.

Therefore, you will always learn new methods and how to use them in the best possible way. You can easily consider this particular work as a place where you will continuously grow and become better.

We recommend you to click here if you wish to learn more on petroleum industry.

Developing knowledge as you will bring you new ideas so that you can improve your business perspective.

  1. Explore The World

It does not matter where you are from, because oil jobs are international and you will be able to find a perfect spot on the side of the globe. If you are experienced enough, the world will be yours, so you should choose based on your preferences and the wish for adventure.

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