Real world Examples of the Use of Binomial Theorem

Most of the applications of the mathematical principles and theorems are used in our daily life activities. One of the important theorems that play a vital role in the real world is “Binomial Theorem”. Most of the computation and prediction area uses the application of this theorem and it is considered as one of the efficient theorems in mathematics.
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Distribution of Internet Protocol Address

In Internet Protocols(IP), this theorem is used to generate and distribute the IP addresses to the different computers that are assigned. It is not only for the automatic distribution of IP addresses but also for the distribution of virtual IP addresses. It is also used to make decisions and helps to compute time and cost to complete the project. The method of distribution of IP address to the specified host is called variable subnetting.

National Economic Prediction

In economics, to predict the behaviour of the nation’s future, economists use this theorem to handle the numerously distributed variables to count the probabilities. Based on this, they will predict how the economy will behave for the next upcoming years. This method is one of the most realistic economic prediction methods.


This theorem allows engineers to deliver accurate estimates by calculating the magnitudes of the projects. It is not only for the estimation of the costs. It is also used to determine the time taken to complete the construction of the building. In the area of architecture, this theorem is widely used to determine the total expenditure and the number of materials needed to build a building.
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Weather Forecasting

In weather forecasting, binomial distributions are used to predict the weather and the disaster that are likely to occur in the future with the help of probabilities.

Apart from this theorem, some other mathematical concepts like probability, hyperbola, Pythagorean theorem etc whose applications are used everywhere and these concepts are really needed for everyone in day to day life.

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Use of Binomial theorem

The binomial theorem is mostly used in probability theory and the US economy is mostly dependent on probabilities theory. It is used in economics to find out the chances of profit or exact loss.

For weather forecasting the binomial theorem is used. We use the binomial theorem for getting the future weather report.

Binomial theorems are used for solving complex mathematical calculations. The bigger and complex mathematical calculations are solved by the binomial theorem very quick and easily.

This theorem is used by architecture in giving shape and determining the total areas of infrastructure to calculate the total amount of material which is used for construction.

By using this theorem the selection of application is easy to form the N number of applicants.

You can count the number of heads in 𝑛 independent throws of a coin.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of areas where we used the Binomial theorems for making the work simple and easy.