The Know-How and Benefits of Online Proctoring Services

ELearning is pervading the education zone. Since learners wish to have flexibility when it comes to gaining an education, it is only practical to offer courses online which one can pursue from anytime and anywhere.

There are many factors for someone not being able to earn a degree or diploma and time & location are the top two. Hence, eLearning is acquired immense popularity as it lets people acquire knowledge and get that knowledge attested without having to travel long distances or attend classes at a college or university on a regular basis.

So, with eLearning becoming a sensation in the education sphere, its by-product called online proctoring is also gathering the trust of people. The only drawback with online courses sometime back was that many persons did not have enough faith in the process of online examination and this issue was pretty genuine as cheating during an online assessment is much more convenient than it is during a traditional pen & paper exam. And, this is where online proctoring came into the picture.

What is Online Exam Proctoring?

Online proctoring service enables you to take an online assessment from the comfort of your own home or any place of your preference. A person (Proctor) observes your every move through a webcam & also keeps an eye over what happens on your screen via screen sharing.

Proctoring Services

How does online proctoring work?

There are tools to support online proctoring services which use machine learning along with algorithms to detect any fraudulent activity during an online examination. The technology is able to recognize the behavioral patterns of the student. Also, during such tests, the proctoring service utilizes a secure browser so that the candidate is able to access only a few websites and applications that are necessary.

What are the benefits of an Online proctoring service?

Here is a list of benefits that one can gain through Online proctoring services.

  1. Accessibility:

The first and foremost benefit is that learners can take the test from anywhere they want. So if a person has a job, family priorities or any disabilities, they can still take the assessment from home.

  1. Candidate verification:

To sit for a proctored online assessment, a candidate has to create a virtual ID as well as profile by using a webcam along with verification tools like biometric facial recognition in order to login to their system. A process like this enables proctors to check the identity of a student and learn about their appearance and behavior.

  1. Learn student behavior:

In most cases, Online proctoring services let proctors watch exam recording for all the students so that they can examine each activity made by every candidate. This was, the invigilator is able to analyze their behavior and spot patterns. This particular activity is helpful in preventing cheating.

  1. Catch suspicious activity through human eye & webcam:

There are a variety of ways of proctoring. In some, the camera recordings are useful in curbing suspicious behavior & in many other cases, humans keep an eye over every move made by the student.

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