The Main Options for the Essay Writing

You focus easily on the text because you have thought of it, written it, revised it, paying maximum attention to it.The reader may have other thoughts and distractions, personal and environmental, having little familiarity with the subject and therefore difficulty understanding even if he has a high level of literacy.
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Time Passed On The Text

You spent a lot of time on the text. You will have re-read some parts over and over again and now you no longer remember what impression it can make on a first reading.

The reader could spend very little time on the text. How much, depends on many factors, such as interest in the topic, personal motivation, environmental situation, schooling. In any case, few people first read a text neatly from beginning to end.

Interpretation Of The Message

You expect the reader to interpret the text according to your intentions and goals. You have worked hard to be clear and it seems impossible that there could be any misunderstanding or ambiguity.

Readers can interpret the text in different ways, based on their knowledge, their social and family background, their experience, their current emotional situation. While you are buying college essays you need to think twice now.

Reactions To The Text

You have a positive attitude towards the text you wrote and cared for and you are convinced that it is useful and valuable for those who read it.

Readers can have different reactions, especially when the theme touches their emotions and their habits. This is the case of issues such as health, the environment, nutrition, work.

Use Of Information

You hope readers will make the text and information that contains the best use, what you have in mind, for example, do something or change your attitude or opinion.

Readers could make different uses of it, or not use it at all. Much depends on how much they understand, if they find it interesting with respect to their personal situation, on how motivated they are, if the proposed actions seem appealing or feasible.

Use everyday language, not that of spokesmen, lawyers or bureaucrats (you prefer to allow yourself to be allowed , to buy to buy , to give as a gift to , rich to wealthy , people to individuals or subjects , to go and see detect ). Pomposity and prolixity tend to obscure the sense or reveal if it is lacking. Do without it and go for simple words.

Don’t be arrogant or dictatorial. Those who disagree with you are not necessarily crazy or stupid. There is no need to accuse someone of stupidity: possibly your accurate analyzes will prove it. When you express your opinion, don’t limit yourself to affirming. The goal is not simply to tell the readers what you think, but to persuade them.
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You will succeed with the arguments, the reasoning, the proof of what you say. Go slow with the conditional should and could.

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