Everything you need to know about the therapeutic effects of watching movies in this post

Whenever the holiday season starts, a lot of us are very busy doing a lot of things, especially when it comes to family bonding, and what other way you can make this bonding great is by having movie marathons paired with popcorns and all the good stuff that makes it a memorable day for everyone in the house.

After all, there are a lot of good movies worth to watch especially during the Holiday season where it is just too cold to go outside, and much better to stay warm inside with your loved ones.

Aside from being a good way to bond with your family, watching movies also serves as a form of therapy according to medical experts. Although it is pretty obvious that watching movies can let us escape from our own problems momentarily—there are a lot of benefits that you can get from watching movies and doctors call it “cinema therapy”.

Cinematherapy has positive effects that are already proven and are often prescribed by therapists, and are often self-administered by patients themselves because being aware that movies can change people’s thinking, feeling, and ultimately how to deal with our life’s challenges can turn watching movies invaluable in the long run.

According to medical experts, cinema therapy says that the idea of choosing movies with themes reflects your current problems and your current situation. Just an example, if you are someone who is struggling with addiction, you can watch movies about overcoming addictions or closely relevant to it while for people who are suffering from grief, they can watch movies that inspire them to overcome this situation.

The question is, how can movies reflect our own problems and struggles? And how can it help us?

At some ways, watching movies include encouragement to release all your emotions, even those who are usually having trouble to express their own emotions can find themselves to be emotional while watching a film regardless if it is a drama or comedy.
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This helps to release emotions have a cathartic effect and can also make it easier for someone to become more comfortable in expressing his or her own emotion.

This is also proven to be very valuable for someone that needs counseling and something that can happen in real life.
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Drama films surprisingly make people happier even though it sounds very counter-intuitive, a lot of us can relate to this because even though you watched a distressing movie, you are very thankful for your own life for not being in that situation in the movie. Tragedies, broken relationships and sad stories make people more appreciative of everything good that happens in their lives.

It also makes a lot of sense in our lives because for many years already, the knowledge and wisdom have been passed down in many forms including story-telling which is mainly done in movies. Stories that can offer us different perspectives to help us make a lot of sense in this world.

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