Reasons why Bangalore currently is no. 1 in personal loan takers in India

Bangalore is emerging as one of the major and most advancing cities in India. It is already the third-most populous metropolitan city in the country. People from various other cities are migrating and their distinct cultures are getting intertwined with each other. As the business scenario is exploding, the habit of taking a personal loan in Bangalore is on the rise as well.

What are personal loans?

These days, the most popular type of personal loans are unsecured loans. This is when the borrower is lent money by the creditor, the latter does not ask for any collateral. Moreover, a personal loan gives the borrower freedom to utilize the funds in any manner he or she might need it for, as long as it does not breach any contract between the borrower and the lender.

The Silicon Valley of India is also witnessing an increase in the number of people who are inclined to avail personal loan in Bangalore.

Here are the following reasons due to which Bangalore has now become evident as no.1 personal loan taker:

1. Increase in population:

In 2011 the population of Bangalore was 90.45 lakhs. It is now estimated that by 2031 the city will be populated by 20.3 million people. The rise in population will consequently lead to more and more people taking personal loans in Bangalore to fulfill their immediate needs.

Personal Loans

2. Start-ups in Bangalore:

The city attracts many young business professionals to establish their start-ups and kick start their careers. Due to this fast-paced lifestyle, many people resort to a personal loan in Bangalore to fulfill their various needs.

3. IT Sector:

Of the 12.34 million people currently inhabiting the city, 10-12% are those working in the IT Sector. As more and more people will follow suit and establish a life with family, the need to take personal loans will increase.

4. Variety of usage of personal loans in Bangalore:

There are many reasons as to why people often take personal loans, for example, for educational purposes of children or their skill up-gradation, household needs like renovations or vehicle repairs, traveling, personal needs like marriage or upgrading home electronics, etc

5. No risk of collateral:

It is not possible for the youth business professionals to be able to present collateral during the acquisition of the loan. Therefore, they have the opportunity to rely on personal loans to look after their needs and emergencies.
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Bangalore is known for many of its sobriquets including the Garden City of India, Silicon Valley of India, Space City of India, the Science City of India, IT Capital of India and Pensioners Paradise. The emergence of this city as a major metropolitan city will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Therefore, it is advised that anyone inclined towards taking personal loans in Bangalore must be aware of all the necessary personal loan eligibility criteria. Building a good credit report will then help obtain further personal loans. All individuals who are aspiring to work and settle in Bangalore must keep this in mind.

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