Direct Cremation: A Less Expensive End-of-Life Option

Most people are uncomfortable discussing death and funerals as neither makes pleasant table conversations. Nevertheless, the latter is something that people cannot get away from. Hence when the time comes to plan your end of life services, you may be in for a shock.

The reality is that funeral expenditures have gone up, and many people aren’t sure how they will be able to manage a service that will honour the deceased while not breaking the bank. This is where alternatives such as direct cremation come in.

Why direct cremation?

If you are looking for an honourable way to have a funeral without all of the expense and financial burden, you may want to consider direct cremation.

Direct cremation in Sydney is different because you aren’t going to have the body prepared for a watching, and it will not be buried. It is these expenses that typically build up and responsible for the bulk of the cost. Before you decide to spend any amount of money on funeral arrangements, you may want to do yourself and your family a favour by considering modern and less expensive alternatives.

What expenses do you get rid of when you choose direction cremation?

There are numerous ways in which you save when you opt for a non attendance funeral and cremations. This includes the following:

  • Church or funeral home costs
  • Burial plot
  • Grave opening costs
  • Grave closing expenses
  • Vault liner costs
  • Headstone
  • Embalming
  • Price of the casket
  • Cosmetic preparations
  • Staff and facility charges
  • Viewing costs

As you can see, there are many expenses that you are paying when you pick a traditional burial that will quickly build up and break the bank. Many people presume that to appropriately honour the dead that they have to have the very best of everything. This is not the case. You can select to choose direct cremation, and you’ll still have the ability to have a beautiful funeral. It is still possible to have an event of loved ones who will come together to remember the departed and share pleasant memories.

A funeral is genuinely about remembering the deceased when they were happy and healthy. It is about the event of good friends who can come together to share in their grief and even share satisfied stories and remembrances of the good friend or family member that they have shared.

When you choose direct cremation, you are refraining from doing away with a beautiful funeral and the gathering of friends and loved ones. You are merely eliminating the costs that, in the end, do not change how individuals come together. At the same time, direct cremation also puts more money in the pockets of bereaved family members.

In conclusion, direct cremation is a terrific and economical alternative to a costly funeral service. You can have an honourable and beautiful cremation service with your loved ones.  It’s important not to get caught into thinking that the only method is to spend more than you have because a funeral does not have to break the bank.

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