Fleet Maintenance Software And Its Benefits In Different Aspects

Fleet Maintenance Software

What is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is a process that keeps your vehicle operating conditions in a good manner to ensure that they are safe and dependable and can stay on the road longer. The important part of managing a fleet is developing a preventative maintenance program. Along with other benefits, it also helps reduce the cost of operation and improves the outcome of the vehicle inspection.

The topmost investment of your fleet is your vehicles. To manage a productive business it is important to take proper care of them. When you do not proactively participate in the maintenance of the fleet, you risk the safety of your employees, fail in the inspections, and ultimately pay for expensive emergency repairs. Due to all these factors, anyone can determine the health of your business by knowing the health of your vehicle.

Here are the benefits of in-built Fleet maintenance software:

1. Reduces the downtime of the vehicle:

The built-in fleet maintenance software in a vehicle provides the business with the real-time view of the health of the equipment. The real-time data enables the operation leads to see which vehicle requires the service in the near future. This allows the managers to schedule replacement equipment in advance to avoid last-minute disruptions and minimize the time in the shop waiting for service. In this, the added benefit is that the equipment requires servicing only when needed and not at unnecessary intervals. This reduces the extra costs and unwanted breakdowns.

Fleet Maintenance Software

2. Good fuel economy:

The one important data that is offered by the fleet maintenance software is the tire pressure. Fuel economy is reduced when the tires are not inflated correctly. Maintenance of the correct tire pressure can give good fuel economy and can save a lot of money.
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In addition, properly inflated tires can reduce the carbon emission to a great extent and under inflated tires can wear down quickly and cause the early failure of the tire.  As the fleet maintenance software provides us with the real-time data, a quick repair of the pressure in the tires can be done.

3. Benefits on warranties:

The new fleet vehicle and the parts both have a warranty. Everything that a service department purchases come with a warranty, fleet maintenance software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions helps in maintaining accurate records of the warranties to get the most out of it. The teams can further maximize warranties by scheduling services proactively within the warranty period. You can also advantage of warranty entitlements, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, and improve vehicle ROI.

4. Increase in resale value:

When selling the vehicle in the fleet, the in-built fleet maintenance will provide the accurate details of the vehicle use and performance. This gives the potential buyer an insight into the vehicle’s history and maintenance. It gives accurate detail of the health of the vehicle. This helps to enhance the resale value and makes sure that the owner gets the best out of his original vehicle and equipment investment.

5. Helps in preventative maintenance:

With the accurate data and potential repair alert the fleet maintenance software gives the owner an insight into the health of the fleet vehicle. This can help the managers decide and come up with a solution for more effective maintenance and fewer breakdowns. The health of the fleet can provide the business to gain expert advice on things it can do to improve the life of the vehicles.

To Conclude:

The above benefits of Fleet maintenance software are helping the managers to save the overall time with high safety standards and improved utilization of the asset.